Monday, August 8, 2016

Newspaper Mattress Sidewalk Blues

Ever Been?


where the LAPD
is a criminal enterprise;
where what you see
is in someone else's eyes?

where two sisters apart
is not measured in metrics;
where distance in the heart
is something we rejected?

where you mention dylan
but no one says which one;
where you mention freedom
and they all say which one?

Savant Lighthouse


Once I took a close look within
only to find savant energy
encircling in lighthouse beams
looking out and looking in;

The beam would shine upon faces
of sea captains in a fog;
bearing down upon the reefs
between life's ups and downs.

My emotions changed shapes
as I watched the faces go by;
until at once my face appeared
as did yours, theirs, and ours;

We wept within the stormy wastes
as we navigated toward land's end
or was it the sea's beginning?
where all journeys and candles halt.

Newspaper Mattress Sidewalk Blues


A teary eyed man now spreads the news
while a young man does the same;
newspaper mattress sidewalk blues
wraps with lies the free and the lame.

Some say the long and some say the short
As the chilling winds in shallow waters howl;
Some say the sea and some say the port
As secure men stagger and weak women growl.

We've got to read that soul map again
and sing all the fading songs of freedom;
we've got to lose and we've got to win
on the east side of the western kingdom.

It seems to me and it seems to you
that the western winds blow east;
so there is nothing more now to do
except the most and except the least.

Lay on the news and pull it around you
sleepily wondering about life's gone byes
newspaper mattress sidewalk blues
wraps lies around free-for-all skies.

Two or so Befores


She withered my storms
as I weathered her earth;
we searched for norms
and other forms of worth;

Our after our passed us by,
mine upon mine flowered haze;
the wonder of wondering why
unearthed naked revealing plays.

We sweated softly and we built
blue forts from cold blue prints;
minions of love cared not to admit
or be concealed in windy hints.

I went running to where I began
and she went dancing in the winds,
once or twice and once again,
as we sang the words of friends.

So I mixed the milk with the wine,
while she mixed some metaphors;
ever so sweet and ever so kind
in the glass of two or so befores.

(poems (C) 2008, by Dredd)

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