Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Proxymetry3 - 6

Fig. 1 Source of data
The Gulf of Mexico, in places, has had upwards of 90 degree F surface temperatures of late.
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

I thought that it would be a good place to examine the TEM (thermal expansion myth).

So, today let's look at a surprising result from the new WOD program I have finished, save for two modules.

(I hope to finish those two modules today.)
Fig. 4
Fig. 5 Galveston, TX

Fig. 6 Pensacola, FL
For a quick introduction, notice Fig. 1 and Fig. 3, which deal with the eastern portion of that gulf (WOD zone 7208).

The graph at Fig. 1 is the mean average of millions of data values, from the surface down to the deepest depths.

The graph at Fig. 3 is the same graph as Fig. 1, except that I have placed two trend lines for the 0-200m and the 200-400m depths.

As you can see, surprisingly, the temperature trend is not up.

Yet, the sea level rise (SLR) graph for a tide gauge station in that same region, Pensacola, Florida, is definitely showing a relatively steep SLR (see Fig. 6).

You regular readers get my drift.

The exact same scientific data sources reveal that the same is true for the western gulf.

That is, Fig. 2 and Fig. 4 concern the western Gulf of Mexico (WOD zone 7209).

They too show a decline over the years, in mean average ocean temperature, while Fig. 5 shows strong SLR in the same zone.

Thus, a large swath of warm ocean water, in terms of mean average, is not warming sufficiently to cause the sea level rise recorded in that well-known area by tide gauge stations.

Sea level rise and fall, first and foremost, is a function of melting ice sheets and glaciers (Proof of Concept , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Secondly, it is a function of ghost-water (The Ghost-Water Constant, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Last, and certainly least, sea level rise is impacted slightly (in comparison) by thermal expansion (The Battle of the Bulge).

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  1. Is that a white flag I see ... being waved by the thermal expansion myth promoters?