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American Feudalism - 8

Better Diplomacy Needed
What happens when a nation that is slipping continually into modern feudalism detects that slide, and then tries to do something about it?

First, comes a conversation, a dialogue, and perhaps a debate about when or how to change it.

Then comes the realization that is not easy to figure out how to get a grip.

How to stop the slide, and to then try to undo the policy that has caused the misdirection; nevertheless, there are signs that some in the U.S. Government want the U.S. to regain foreign policy and domestic policy stability.

To steer the ship of state into a more traditional and a more successful American direction and practice:
The US defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, on Saturday underscored the Obama administration's intention to shift the focus of its foreign policy away from military might toward diplomacy.

Speaking at the Munich security conference, Hagel said he and the secretary of state, John Kerry, "have both worked to restore balance to the relationship between American defence and diplomacy".

Hagel, in prepared remarks, stressed that the US was "moving off a 13-year war footing" as the war in Afghanistan winds down and as Washington seeks to avoid getting involved in additional military conflicts overseas.

Hagel's remarks echo those of President Barack Obama, who in his annual state of the union address this week said the US could not rely on its military power alone, promising to send US troops to fight overseas only when "truly necessary".

In recent years, the US has shown its eagerness to wind down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the military dominated traditionally civilian-led activities such as development aid. US officials have also sought to avoid becoming involved in new on-the-ground military action in places like Syria and Libya.

"Foreign policy had become too militarised over the last decade or so," a senior US defence official said on condition of anonymity. "It's time for us to be in a supporting role when it comes to the execution of this country's foreign policy."
(Hagel / Kerry signal change from Imperialism). These desired changes will not be easy, and in fact will be difficult, because American neoFeudalism is by now embedded very, very deeply into the culture of America (American Feudalism - 6).

There are many things that threaten the security of the U.S. more than the military outfits in other nations or terrorists (Terrorism We Can Believe In? - 3).

Our addiction to oil is the most difficult, and it is in full steam ahead mode:
But things are looking up for this Arctic conurbation halfway between Europe and China. Over the next 30 years climate change is likely to open up a polar shipping route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, cutting travel time to Asia by 40% and allowing Russia's vast oil and gas resources to be exported to China, Japan and south Asia much faster.

Nadym stands to benefit from a warmer climate more than any other Arctic city – the Russian government plans to connect it by road and rail to other oil and gas centres; Gazprom, the world's largest gas company, is building a port nearby with French oil major Total; and if the new northern sea route is open for even six months of the year, Nadym will find itself on the 21st-century equivalent of the ancient silk route.

"The entire centre of gravity of the world economy is shifting to Nadym," said the mayor, Stanislav Shegurov, a former gas worker, at a recent meeting of Arctic leaders in Norway.

Expectations are high that the route will complement the Suez canal as a key waterway for trade to and from Asia. "The Arctic is our home and our future. We will make full use of the northern sea route. We are building infrastructure, we are making history. We have ambitious plans," said Anton Vasiliev, Russian ambassador for the Arctic.
(New Arctic Melt, cf. Has The Navy Fallen For The Greatest Hoax?). Nations with arctic ports know that the Arctic is melting because of global warming induced climate change, and they are preparing for it, as is our own Navy.

Being far behind, due to endless war ideology and endless denialism, makes for difficulty when trying to change our current heading to a different, better course.

That is, annulling our seemingly endless bondage to oil war (Viva Egypt - 2).

One thing to watch (the one which will be the biggest clue to the government's seriousness about a course correction) is the Keystone XL pipeline decision (The Red Green Show of Ed Shultz).

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