Thursday, April 7, 2016

Questionable Scientific Papers - 8

Fig. 1 "Iceland" named before Greenland?
Today, I criticize a paper by fossil fuel industry minions (Helmholtz).

Iceland is "smack dab in the middle" of a large sea level fall (SLF) area caused by the ice sheet of Greenland.

That Greenland ice sheet has ice mass created gravity which impacts the ocean level around it.

This has been shown in various Dredd Blog posts (e.g. Proof of Concept - 5), because these oceanographic oddities are attached to serious events which impact all of our lives in some way (You Are Here - 5).

The graphic at Fig. 1 shows the location (red squares) of two PSMSL tide gauge stations (#638 Reykjavik, #877 Grindavik), as well as the location of Icelandic glaciers.

The graph at Fig. 2 shows the PSMSL record of those two tide gauge stations blended into zone AC.SE.SW with a result of a 165 mm SLR over the period of 1957-2014, for a mean average of ~2.9 mm yr.
Fig. 2 Iceland 's sea level record

The nature of the historical record shown in that graph is unmistakably sea level rise (SLR) even though it is within an area of SLF.

The typical ways of explaining this are to be found in the warming scientific commentariat (The Warming Science Commentariat, 2).

Fig. 3 Iceland is in a sea level fall area
For example, one of them has it that land uplift is taking place there but "whether the current rebound is due to past or modern ice loss is an open question" and "Although most large ice caps in Iceland lie over volcanic centers, heat linked with these volcanoes accounts for less than 5 percent of the total observed melting of these ice caps. This means that about 95 percent of the total ice melt in Iceland is likely due to changes in climate." (Live Science, emphasis added).The same goes for Greenland

So, why pray tell would a Helmholtz scientific team use that as an example of geophysical forces melting the Greenland Ice Sheet from below rather than anthropogenic global warming?

Because they are part of the Oil-Qaeda deceit team:
"... an area of abnormally hot mantle material that still today is responsible for the volcanic activity of Iceland. The mantle material heated and thinned Greenland at depth producing a strong geothermal anomaly that spans a quarter of the land area of Greenland. That distant history of the North Atlantic region contributes to the present-day ice loss"
(Doubt AGW Inc., emphasis added). Wrong, the recent volcanic activity in Iceland was caused by global warming induced melting on an Iceland glacier.

The loss of pressure on the volcano as the ice thinned allowed the cork to blow at the Eyjafjallajökull volcano (Global Warming & Volcanic Eruptions).

The ones who prepared the paper being criticized today are Oil-Qaeda minions within the realm of the merchants of doubt (Dredd Comment on that paper).

Their decades-long mission to cover up the devastation and death of the creatures of planet Earth are quite clear (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).

Fig. 4 Antarctic Melt raising sea level @ Iceland?
Let's review the offers of proof advanced so far to explain the SLR at Iceland tide gauge stations.

Would land uplift, as set forth in the Live Science article, make tide gauges record sea level rise?

No, it would be the opposite.

If land mass movement is to be considered as the cause in an SLR scenario, the land mass must be dropping, not rising.

Land subsidence causes tide gauge stations to record instances of apparent SLR, while land uplift causes tide gauge stations to record apparent SLF.

Ok then, would thermal effects of sub-glacial volcanoes there in Iceland be an answer?

No, scientists I quoted pointed out that in the case of Iceland global warming melted the glaciers (same in Greenland BTW), and that let the lava flow out of the volcano in Iceland.

So, I offer the solution shown in Fig. 4 where Antarctica is shown to also be melting and contributing to sea level rise in the area of Iceland and elsewhere.

That displacement induced sea level rise also contributes to some increase of water near Iceland.

Iceland's glacial mass produced gravity can then more easily pull water near it and thereby have an impact upon the records of the two tide gauge stations at its southern end (Reykjavik and Grindavik).

The tug and the back and forth among Greenland, Antarctica, and glacial area contributions to sea level is not just an up or a down movement.

No, it is both up and down as tide gauges have shown for a century or so.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

video @26:20 when I talked to government people in the Netherlands two weeks ago, to explain that they would be inordinately impacted if Antarctica melts, they did not believe me ...

The gravity of sea level change, Dr. Mitrovica of Harvard University:


  1. Excellent Dredd!
    Key learning today is to upgrade my deception detector and BS aerial. I spotted the Helmholtz 'finding' on multiple sites with similarly aligned folk and now recognize how duplicitous the OQ team can play.

    "....Their decades-long mission to cover up the devastation and death of the creatures of planet Earth are quite clear."

    As you have patiently shown again, these 'institutes', are very cunning; prestigious names, logos, locations, Mont Banc pens, extra white lab coats etc and they hoodwink many who are not trained to 'detect' their very carefully designed curriculums and course 'objectives' and many, I suspect, (me included) have difficulty comprehending the magnitude and scale of the deceit behind these groups.
    No surprise, in retrospect, that 'they' left out only 5% can be attributed to the thermal input!
    Thanks for the helpful feedback and for taking the time to prepare the 'criticism' today. Note: I'll carry / send 'this' and the Helmholtz 'article' around for a long time to help others understand just how dangerous these groups can be.

  2. These bad papers may be on the increase (link).