Friday, November 12, 2010

Jabber The Whut?

We now begin the new series Jabber The Whut?, or "The Ascent of The Reptilian / Lizard Brain".

With this post we begin a new series built upon the foundation of past series, yet a bit more focused on more imminent and specific dangers facing we the people.

Dredd Blog did some posts (some time back) which contained the statement that the U.S.A. spends more on "the military" than the other nations combined, and we have probably repeated it once or twice since then.

The definition of "the military", in this context, is "the vast enterprise necessary to carry out militant events, anywhere from intimidation to unwelcome antagonistic intervention in the affairs of foreign nations, then, all the way to outright war against them (including similar events within the home nation that supports such policies)."

I have made that statement in comments on major blogs around the blogosphere, where it has been challenged recently.

First, recall that Dredd Blog uses the metaphor "MOMCOM" to encapsulate the growing essence of that militant energy and its influence on domestic, as well as foreign, relations.

The acronym "MOMCOM" derives from the evolution of what President Dwight Eisenhower once called "the military industrial complex".

The age of outsourcing has devastated the industrial portion of that complex, such that the substance of what remains of it is now called the "rust belt".

So we have replaced that with "oil" and the "media", to produce Military Oil Media Complex, hence MOMCOM.

The visible persona of MOMCOM has been depicted by Dredd Blog as a beautiful, intelligent, witty, and entirely competent creature (think of how the 1% with the power and money think of themselves) who takes care of the citizenry with an attitude that the citizenry is a cute, helpless, and hapless primate (think of the 99% middle class and poor, and how the 1% think of them).

No one should doubt for a second the great influence and power big oil and big media have on domestic, as well as foreign relations via use of imperialism.

This is shown in part by the series A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA, which recalls that we are never out of touch with or out of the reach of MOMCOM, because MOMCOM is in and around us at all times.

We now go deeper into the psyche of MOMCOM in this first post of the new series, using Jabba The Hutt, to represent the interior persona of MOMCOM, because the "Reptilian / Lizard Brain" is just as real as the outside persona.

The subtitle to this series, "The Assent of The Reptilian / Lizard Brain", reveals our intent to dig deep into the prevalent ideology of MOMCOM, and where it really comes from, seeing as how we have already shown some of the fundamental external components and fundamental external commodities of the MOMCOM realm.

Those we touched upon in "A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA", since we were then talking about petroleum contents in Twinkies, ending that with a link to a chef talking about "My Lizard Brain".


In closing this introduction, and to take it to the final step, so we don't have to deal metaphorically with who MOMCOM mates with, we consider a new discovery:
Researchers have identified a previously undocumented species of all-female lizard in the Mekong River delta that can reproduce itself by cloning, and the story of how it was discovered is almost as exotic as the animal itself.
(CNN, emphasis added). Please females, do not consider this to be anti-female so that I don't have to consider fight or flight with my lizard brain, instead, just rejoice in Dollo's Law that we can't go there now.

Lets go, instead, to the next episode.


  1. Dredd,

    Don't forget that MOMCOM is the primary arms exporter to the world as well, so although those sales don't drain the US treasury directly (and why would MOMCOM's minions want to limit themselves to the US treasury anyway?), they certainly feed the rise of militarism worldwide, which in turns fans the flames of perpetual war that benefits the entire complex.

    Just as corporations in general are now semi-autonomous international actors, MOMCOM's members certainly are as well. The end of the nation state, which has been widely speculated on for at least two decades now, never meant that nation states would cease to exist, but rather, that they would simply cease to be relevant, or better still, determinant in world affairs. The cover of pseudo legitimacy that nation states' war efforts provide to corporations' efforts to subdue and dominate local markets is and always will be invaluable. If nothing else, nation states serve as a funnel to covert public money into private profits for MOMCOM, all without the hassles of direct billing or, in the case of the US at least, even taxation! "Hey, don't worry about it, we'll put it on your tab," says MOMCOM.

    I think we're viewing the results of that concept as we speak, as both political parties in the US have now been completely co-opted and serve the interests of the MOMCOM establishment rather than the other way around. To that extent, its largely irrelevant precisely how large MOMCOM's budgets are in the US vs. the rest of the world - even though they are extraordinarily high! - since MOMCOM's reach far exceeds the US and will doubtlessly continue to do so, even if the US were to fold as a "going concern" during this century, as I believe it will.

  2. disaffected,

    True enough.

    The point of this series is to reveal to the ignorant, who think Russia and China each spend more on the military than we do, that we spend more than they do in one week.

    We will get into the actual numbers again tomorrow.