Friday, November 12, 2010

Is The Internet In Danger?

We hear a lot of stories about a "net neutrality" along with a lot of stories that governments are out to get "the tubes", the blogosphere, and the internet.

Clearly some regimes, that do not have the propaganda power to withstand internet truth, do lash out at their citizens who use the internet to inform others about what that despotic regime is doing.

We here at Dredd Blog consider the internet to be a part of the larger Twinkie system, and we consider the media to be the Jabber The Whut? portion of MOMCOM.

But what Dredd Blog is talking about in this post is a technical danger to the ongoing operation of the internet:
The internet could face years of instability as it moves to a new addressing system, one of the network's original architects has warned.

Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet, spoke as the UK was urged to begin using the new addressing system.

With current addresses due to run out in 2012, nations and businesses must get on with switching, said Mr Cerf.

During the switch internet links could become unreliable, making sites and services hard to reach, Mr Cerf said.

"This has to happen or the internet will stop growing or will not be growable," he said of the move to the addressing system.
(BBC News). Like climate change, peak oil, and other problems, government and corporate operatives can't look ahead because they do not have vision.

It is a myopia induced by an addiction to immediacy.

C'mon dudes and duddettes of the corporatocracy, lets Cerf the internet!


  1. Immediacy is no doubt a product of our capitalist market system and its relentless focus on current (quarterly) profits. The downside to that is that nothing is a "problem" until its date to impact profits comes due. The upside is that once that day approaches, all the resources of heaven and earth are martialed to address it. Is that efficient? Arguable, but many would say so. It's worked so far in most cases, but in the notable case of climate change, it most certainly won't. All I can say is that those being born today (and those dying today if immediate reincarnation is a fact) had better hope the climate change supporters are wrong, otherwise...

  2. disaffected,

    "the climate change supporters are wrong"

    Ah, English, the common language that divides the family England & America. ;-)

    Those who "support" climate change would be MOMCOM, those who deny it are Republicans in general, those who oppose it are scientists, and we are the ones who worry about it, as it should be.

    I know what you mean disaffected, "hope the climate change scientists are wrong" ...

    Unfortunately, they are not wrong.