Sunday, November 7, 2010

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Take A Hit - 7

Dredd Blog has distanced itself from the MSM (main stream media) on the issue of whether or not we should fear to question the official 9/11 Commission Report.

Dredd Blog does not fear any search for the truth, so here you will find posts that set forth and discuss the questions about the official story, but we do not set forth the answer, since we don't have "the answers" to fundamental questions that still linger.

Since we do not know we do not conclude, but likewise since we do not know, we continue to explore in an effort to get closer to the full / true knowledge of 9/11.

In the series 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Take A Hit, State Crimes Against Democracy, and The Empire Strikes Back, we examine certain questions that are raised, but if you do a blog search using the 9/11 keyword you will see the full panoply of various aspects of our coverage in many different posts that are not in the series mentioned.

Noam Chomsky has been a die hard supporter of the official conspiracy theory advanced by the neoCon administration of Bush II, in the sense he always publicly rejected "the 9/11 Truth" movement.

Now he appears to have changed direction in one sense, saying there is no proof Al Qaeda did 9/11, and he is through waiting for the evidence the bushies promised but did not deliver:
"The explicit and declared motive of the [Afghanistan] war was to compel the Taliban to turn over to the United States, the people who they accused of having been involved in World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist acts. The Taliban … they requested evidence … and the Bush administration refused to provide any," the 81-year-old senior academic made the remarks on Press TV's program a Simple Question.

"We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any."


"All of this was totally illegal. It was more, criminal," Chomsky said.
(Press TV). The official story is that Al Qaeda cavemen took control of 4 airliners using only box cutters, then flew the aircraft better than actual pilots who fly those planes professionally every day could have flown them, to bring down three ironclad towers, damage the Pentagon fortress, and then finally destroy the fourth plane in a suicide dive.

More than that, the official story said those cavemen were operating from Afghanistan where they were protected by the Taliban who governed Afghanistan at that time.

Keep searching for the truth, because we have not heard the core truth if Noam Chomsky is correct.

UPDATE (11/10/10): The Democratic Party of Colorado has stepped up to be the first to add to their platform a plank that calls for a new 9/11 Investigation:
Whereas many disturbing facts were consciously ignored by the 9/11 Commission; Be it resolved, therefore, that the CDP calls for the establishment of a truly independent Grand Jury and public investigation into these and other anomalies in order to find the truth of the September 11, 2001 attacks, so that we have a greater probability of preventing attacks of this nature in the future. [Eagle 16/3]
(2010 Platform, PDF). One can't say the Colorado Democrats are spineless.


  1. I am glad that Dr. Chomsky acknowledges that we do not know who did 9/11 ... neither do the 9/11 Truthers.

    Both the official conspiracy theory as well as the alternate conspiracy theory are based only upon suspicions.

    Thus, it is clear that a new, real, independent 9/11 Commission with subpoena power is very needed.

  2. We will never get to the bottom of 9-11, officially at least, as the implications of even a small fraction of the "truther" argument are simply far too ominous. I don't "know" the truth with absolute certainty (but ask yourself, how many accepted "facts" in the world can you say that you do), but I know the evidence gathered so far makes me lean decidedly (80/20 at least) in the direction of the conspiracy theory crowd. There's just far too much evidence in support of conspiracy and lack of answers to critical questions regarding the official version. I also believe bin Laden was a straw man, and will never be "caught," since no one is, or ever was, actually even "looking."

    The whole "War on Terror" is nothing more than a fabrication to provide justification for a permanent military police state, which also very conveniently serves as the overseas enforcement arm of the US corporate crony capitalist empire project. Great times for the plutocrats of the world. For the rest of us, not so much.