Friday, November 12, 2010

Jabber The Whut? - 2

In the first post of this series, we set the stage for a series of posts designed to use some metaphor to explain our concern about a great danger to our nation.

That danger is the use of power to redistribute wealth from the 99% middle class and poor into the coffers of the 1% wealthy.

Even though we see the danger clearly, it is a danger that is being glossed over by those who Jabber The Whut?, i.e. the main stream media.

The subtitle to this series is "The Ascent of The Reptilian / Lizard Brain".

At times the amygdala portion of our brain takes over our conscious deliberative portion, causing us to work against our own interests, which is what has happened on a broad scale in government / big business.

Each election cycle I constantly hear folks wonder out loud "how can voters vote against their own interests?"

That wonderment was very common when Bush II was elected, as it is now.

After nearly a decade of neoCon government we experience rough times for the middle class and poor, but boom times for those benefiting from war profiteering and the resultant sky rocketing of oil prices.

The "lizard brain" of the 1%, who have the great bulk of the money, has taken over, but they may be destroying the source of their long term sustenance.

A Dredd Blog blogger, who is knowledgeable in the realm of economics, commented yesterday:
Someone better tell them that parasites don't usually fare so well when they kill off their hosts, and Uncle Sugar's on life support and failing fast as we speak.
(Comment by Disaffected). It is a good point and is virtually akin to the issue of a dementia called "Kuru":
Kuru is an extremely rare form of dementia found in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. It is very like new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) , better known as mad cow disease, and BSE in cattle. Kuru, restricted to a small highland area of the island, affected a tribe called the Fore (pronounced for-ay). Kuru was the first transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (prion disease) discovered in humans.

Kuru devastated people of the Fore tribe in the mid 20th Century. It was caught during funeral rites of their dead when the body was ritually cooked and eaten. The cannibalistic ritual of primarily women and children, involved eating the brain of the dead to show respect in mourning. It was banned in the late 1950s by the New Guinea government and the practice ceased when it was found to cause kuru.
(Kuru, emphasis added). The only difference is that MOMCOM seems incapable of kicking the habit of the cannibalism of the middle class and poor, so the beat goes on.

In the next episode we get into the numbers to show the percentages that nations spend on war, weapons of mass destruction, armies, and support for the same.

The previous post in this series is here.


  1. For starters, I think I'd consider US and Isreali defense expenditures as one pool, as Isreal is little more than an autonomous US proxy in the middle east (OR, is the US little more than a subservient Isreali proxy in North America? Hmmm...). Their incestuous relationship is pretty much at the root of all the trouble in the world today.

    In spite of US denials, Christianity/Judaism vs. Islam is the overriding theme, with secular capitalism (love of money and making money from money) vs. traditional cultural values (actual productive work and not focusing on making money from money (finance)) an undercurrent just below. Ironically, the "Whore of Babylon" referred to in the bible is represented by the US and capitalism in general, where the love of money and products has replaced men's concern for each other, and all human values are measured in terms of economic transactions. Think about it.

  2. Yes, there are many ways to use metaphor, analogy, microcosm <-> macrocosm, and the like.

    The "Whore of Babylon" reminds me of "Mystery Bubble-on The Great" ...

    I am putting together the number-engine to use as radar for detecting the toxins of power flowing through the capillaries in the lizard brain.

    Will post in an hour or so. (Jabber The Whut? - 3)

  3. disaffected,

    That is a valid point, because one of the big spikes in the lizard brain expansion was called "The coalition of the Willing", which goes along with the metaphor and scientific reality that some lizards, and by extension lizard brains, can clone themselves as Dredd Blog shows in Jabber The Whut?.

    Your mention of the great weapons exporting business is one of the ways the cloning takes place, mixed of course with propaganda engines, and intimidation via mini-colonization (global military bases).