Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kill Baby Kill

One of the campaign promises President Obama made was to listen to scientists, noting that the Bush II regime had utterly failed to do so.

Now, under Obama, the federal government proceeds as if it is the decider in chief on environmental law.

The drill baby drill philosophy Obama has recently adopted listens to the oil barons, rejecting clear warnings from scientists:
"Ocean conditions are already more extreme than those experienced by marine organisms and ecosystems for millions of years," the researchers say in the latest issue of the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution

"This emphasises the urgent need to adopt policies that drastically reduce CO2 emissions."

Ocean acidification, which the researchers call the 'evil twin of global warming', is caused when the CO2 emitted by human activity, mainly burning fossil fuels, dissolves into the oceans. It is happening independently of, but in combination with, global warming.
(Science Daily). The governments need to wise up or millions will suffer or die.

It is not a game or some academic argument, it is instead the security of human civilization we are talking about.

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