Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Press & The Weakminded

When a U.S. president:
1) morphs into the High Priest In Chief;

2) begins to quote obscure passages from the book of Revelation, about which there are many conflicting scholarly interpretations by various denominations as to its meaning;

3) gives that scriptural passage as one of his many and conflicting reasons for invading another sovereign nation;

4) sends an official presidential letter to the head of yet another sovereign nation quoting the scripture as his reason for an invasion;

5) advances a foreign policy dogma that says he can invade or attack any nation he sees fit to, so long as he thinks that nation is a threat to the U.S. now or will be in the future;

6) threatens to use nuclear weapons in such an attack if he thinks it is necessary;

7) thereby threatens the lives of millions of people; and,

8) has the power to carry it out;
(The Dogma Of High Priest In Chief); this is a case of a head of state threatening the lives of people in open public while quoting the Bible as he rants, and is covered as what in the media?

However, when a non official citizen:
1) makes threatening statements;

2) threatens the lives of many other people;

3) makes himself out to be the son of the god of Enoch;

4) quotes scriptures as validation; but,

5) does not have the power to carry it out;
(Citizen Leboon); this is a case of a non-head-of-state threatening the lives of people in open public while quoting the Bible as he rants, and is covered as what in the media?

The DOJ only goes after the small fry, thus, accountability is something that no longer applies to those who are too big to fail.

It seems to me that an inane domestic policy is being developed, which sends the message "presidents are too big to fail, but citizens are too small to succeed" when it comes to insane statements made in public.


  1. As Georgie boy undoubtedly said more than once, "It's good to be the King...er...Prez."

    I'm still not sure "citizen Leboon" wasn't an FBI strawman set up to take the sting out of Dem accusations against GOP followers, although his rants were certainly not out of the ordinary for America's growing lunatic fringe.

    Someone better check the water. I think we're losing our collective mind.

  2. disaffected,

    The snatching of citizen Leboon was suspicious as far as its timing goes.

    It was perfect timing for Cantor.

    The loon wars are upon us ...