Friday, April 2, 2010

Open Thread

Will you write your senators and representatives to ask them not to approve the Obama policy of drill baby drill, or would that do any good?

What have we missed?

Is the government tripping on LSD?


  1. Well, I'm currently living in NM, and I can tell you that none of my reps will support any moratorium on oil drilling (especially in the Atlantic), so it's kind of pointless for me.

    In general, since Obama has already clearly signaled that we're continuing on with business as usual in the economy and in foreign wars, the idea that we'll ever stop pursuing every last drop of oil with every last available resource is clearly false, so complaining to any of the pols is probably a fools' errand as well.

    Resource driven economic crash(es) will continue over the next 10-30 years as nature imposes its own constraints on our foolishness, which means they will be exponentially harder on us than they might otherwise have been, but that's the choices we've made and continue to make.

    The only real question now is, will we even change our foolish policies once the evidence is simply undeniable (in say, 10-15 years or so), or will we choose to crash and burn in one or more spectacular meltdown(s), possibly including a nuclear war? I think the evidence supports the latter. I simply can't imagine the USA ever surrendering its role as global hegemon peaceably. Especially once the nutball GOP returns to power. Man are they ever gonna be pissed!

  2. disaffected,

    Yep. That is what happens when the government is tripping on LSD.

  3. Actually, I think a hit or two of LSD would do them all a lot of good. Since that will never happen, I'd settle for making them all do a few bongs hits of some of that good Government GM sinsimilla I've heard about once or twice a day. I KNOW that would do 'em all some good.

  4. Perhaps they are tripping on bad stuff?