Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open Thread

Have an open mind with an open thread.


  1. I see where Justice Stevens is considering retirement, and the political barbs are already flying. I can only imagine the political fireworks a Supremes nomination will set off.

    The debate is already centering on whether it would be better for him to step down in 2010 and have his successor face the current bunch of nut jobs for confirmation, or whether it would be better to risk a new bunch of wackos after the midterms. If the latter, look for the Obama and the Dems to cave on a whole range of conservative hot button issues to curry favor for reelection (which they'll probably do either way, but they'll be even more blatant about it).

    Funny thing is, the way Obama's been governing, it might not matter anyway. He'll probably nominate a conservative and give away the store once again, all while we listen to the GOP bitch and whine about the nominee's "socialist" background anyway.

  2. And yet another Pacific Rim "Ring of Fire" earthquake today centered in Mexico/SW USA. LA, GET READY!!! IT'S COMING!!!

  3. disaffected,

    There have been an inordinate number of quakes of the 7 and up variety in different places.

    I used to think that the melting of the massive ice at the poles, and the resultant redistribution of weight in the form of water to various places, eventually ending in the oceans, would cause quakes only in the polar regions.

    I could be wrong on that.

    Perhaps the plates are more sensitive at the seams than I thought?