Friday, April 2, 2010

Hood Robbin' From Poor, Givin' To Rich

The military is not the only one robbing from the poor and giving it to the rich warlords who are their masters.

Nor are American banks the only banks plundering the treasury of the people.

Western banks in general have been robbing from the poor for a long time according to a British newspaper:
The report says globally in recent years much attention has been focused on corruption – the proceeds of bribery and theft by government officials – and this only makes up about 3% of the cross-border flow of illicit money around the world. The proceeds of commercial tax evasion, mainly through trade mis-pricing, contribute 60% to 65% of the global total, while drug trafficking, racketeering and counterfeiting make up 30% to 35%. The report says Africa's percentages are likely to be roughly the same.

The scourge eats into Africa's total GDP, says the report, Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: Hidden Resource for Development. Losses rose from around 2% of GDP in 1970 to a peak of 11% in 1987, then dropped below 4% for much of the Nineties, only to increase again to 8% of GDP in 2007 and 7% in 2008.

The GFI says that existing research shows that most flows to western financial institutions, and calls on G20 members to crack down on international banks and offshore financial centres.
(Guardian). It amazes me how the American mass media gloss over these things, not at all getting the big picture.

The mantra of their movie: "Life is sweet and life is warm because authority figures are taking care of your money and bringing you security" comes from such a lame screen play.

Our own Federal Reserve gave billions of federal money to a robber baron institution the Treasury Secretary had worked for.

Now we are waiting to see what else they did, which depends on the courts holding the fort for the people.

State secrecy is an enemy of the people that grows stronger in times of wars.

Endless wars mean endless secrecy, hence endless enmity between government and the people.


  1. Actually the Federal Reserve monopoly and fractional reserve banking system scams pretty much guarantee thet the government and its citizens will be ripped off, even if the actual bankers implementing it were to be completely scrupulous (I'm amazed that my keyboard didn't meltdown as I just used the words bankers and scrupulous in the same sentence!), not that that will ever happen. The crash is coming Dredd! Ten years at the very outside, very likely much sooner than that.

  2. The wisdom and foresight of many people, e.g. James Madison & Dwight Eisenhower, would have prevented the grief, but we seem to be unable to listen to that sort of understanding.

  3. Get them where it hurts most....deny debt.