Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Thread

What have we missed?


  1. How about Obama visits troops in Afhanistan and looks and sounds very much like GWB. Much bluster about Taliban and Al Qaeda, terrorist threats angainst the Homeland, and the usual bullshit. He's now apparently officially drunk the Kool-Aid. Reuters reports he has more support for his Afghan policies than for HCR, so there you go. If I ever vote again (doubtful), I'll vote GOP next time. Time to start stoking the conservative fires and push the behemoth over the edge. Why vote Dem and get GOP lite when you can vote GOP and get the real thing? I honestly think Obama might be a strawman put into office by GOP interests to merely mark time and discredit Dems for four years (although he's doing such a good job, they might let him have eight), so that they can get really aggressive in the aftermath.

  2. The grasshoppers are coming ...

  3. Randy,

    Here is a correct link to the grasshopper story.

  4. How about Google's NSA connections, it's abrubpt exit from China in the middle of the press fury over health care, no welcom mat offered from HK, and no support from the other techies...

    Then there are 5 opinion pieces, and letters to the editor in essay form, from 5 major players critizing Google's claim that they left China for "ethical" reasons, and, unbelievabley, pointing out China's huge progress in "tolerating" the nacent, dynamic and growingly influential internet grown, the netizens.

    Then there are others, like myself, wondering when Google will exit India and So Korea, since they claim they can make money without "doing evil." (not to mention Australia)

  5. Man arrested for threatening to kill Cantor

    House Republican had accused Dems of publicizing threats for political gain

    What'y'a guys think? Hoax or no hoax? My money's on hoax to discredit Dems.

  6. disaffected,

    The man simply wants Jesus to return very soon, because he is the son of the god of Enoch for heaven sake:

    Leboon was arrested on Saturday and during an interview with the FBI, he said he had made the video with his cell phone and submitted it to YouTube, the FBI affidavit said. Leboon said he had made more than 2,000 videos with threats, it said.

    Describing himself as the "son of the god of Enoch," Leboon called Cantor as "pure evil" and that the lawmaker's family was "suffering because of his father's wrath," the affidavit said.

    Nutcases should not be cited for any reason except, the judge who sentences them to therapy in an institution for the criminally insane is exempted.

  7. Yeah, I use to hang out with ol' Enoch back in my dope smoking days. The pretentious bastard was all calling himself god back then too, but we just called him shithead and told him to quit hoggin' the joint.

  8. Yeah, I used to hang out with Enoch back in my dope smoking days. He was all calling himself god back then too, but we just called him shithead and told him to quit bogarting the joint.

  9. What interests me is the message that the government and the media want to send, or are sending with the way it handles this type story.

    I am going to do a post on that today.