Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Extinction Clock Nears Midnight- 2

Today Barak Obama convinced me completely!

He made a pronouncement that drilling for oil in the waters near the coast of the Atlantic and other places is the right thing to do.

In effect, Sarah Palin and the oil barons are right he said, reversing yet another campaign talking point made not long ago.

Offshore drilling has been banned in those areas for decades, but is coming to an end, even though he said he would not do that when he asked for our votes.

Obama made this announcement in front of a jet fighter at a military base that "is going green".

That is, the military will begin to run on biofuel, yes, half of MOMCOM's super weapons will have gone green within ten years Obama said.

Then he praised the military for its leadership in environmental foresight.

That absolutely convinced me that he has absolutely no clue, yet he is one of the smarter people in government, in terms of academic achievement.

What can one say about the institutionalization of abject dementia?

All I can say at the moment is that I feel very sad for him, and for all of us, if that is the best we can do as a society.

One movie calls it The Age of Stupid, another calls it The Criminally Insane Epoch, while other scientists call it inevitable:
"I see it with everybody. People just want to go on doing what they're doing. They want business as usual. They say, 'Oh yes, there's going to be a problem up ahead,' but they don't want to change anything."

Lovelock believes global warming is now irreversible, and that nothing can prevent large parts of the planet becoming too hot to inhabit, or sinking underwater, resulting in mass migration, famine and epidemics.
(Enjoy Life While You Can). What government official can "enjoy life" when it is death, not life, that official's policy is bringing; when there is little to no doubt that we have entered the last age or epoch of the governments of the human species?

While they exclaim that their number one mission is the security of the populace, they bring us ever closer to the brink, ever closer to the midnight of human existence.

And they do it thinking they are wise, yes, they fancy themselves as being wise for seeing human extinction approaching, but doing nothing about it.


  1. Dredd,

    Hate to say it, I guess you're a slow learner? Welcome to the rest of us, as the truly magnificent truth of our "fucked-up-edness" only BEGINS to dawn on us.

    A drunken binge is truly the only comparable experience. In fact, it's the EXACT experience.

    Word: Obama ain't NOTHING what he appears to be.

  2. disaffected,

    Yep. How many positive posts have I done about Obama? Lots.

    I think he is a good person, citizen, father, husband, and I did put trust in him.

    At the same time I quoted Bob Dylan, who was asked if Obama would be a good president, to which he replied "he will be as good as he can be ... some of these guys go in there are fired up to do good, then they crawl out of that place broken ..." (paraphrased some) ...

    It is getting to look like the system is a person eater that devours those who would bring the kind of change our group looks for.

    Or, as you say, some of them may just be pure fakes used specifically to deceive us just to get elected into power.

    We don't want to believe it, so we suffer various degrees of denial at various times.

  3. Only question remaining for me is, has he been bought off or threatened after he took office or was he a GOP shill all along. I'm leaning toward the latter. I think he was approached after the Dem primary and the fix was put in. That would explain the GOP's otherwise inexplicable nomination of Caribou Barbie as McCain's sidekick.

    They knew times were going to be tough, and a Dem who would enact essentially GOP policy would give them the best of both worlds: conservative policy that would still be painted as "liberal," (knowing full well that the electorate is too stupid to know the difference) and thus blamed on the Dems. And the best part is, when the public finally gets tired of Obama, we'll swing back even harder right than Bush II. It's a nice racket they've got going.

  4. I have your answer in three letters.


    Of course they have systems in place for things like this. You think all that talk before the election about his pastor and Ayers and "community organizing" went unnoticed by the puppeteers? BHO probably has an FBI file on him, for Christ's sake, Kennedy did.

    Either he bites the bullet till the end, or the bullet bites him. They have systems in place... for our protection.

  5. More accurately, the "deep state". Plenty of people in the CIA would be appalled at the blackmailing of their own president, but the people who matter view it as necessary.

  6. An addendum -- the behavior of the deep state is similar to the hedging strategies they use on Wall Street. One can (on occasion) buy securities AND shorts against them in order to guarantee a profit no matter what. Likewise before the meltdown some major firms bought CDOs they knew were faulty just to get the CDSs (basically the "insurance" on the CDOs) that would pay huge dividends if and when the investment went sour. (Sorry for my sloppy explanation, but the basic concept should be clear.)

    Likewise the deep state can decide not to actually rig the election, but simply throw its financial and investigative clout behind its preferred candidates, and prepare contigencies for when an unvetted outsider (like Jesse Ventura, or Paul Wellstone, etc.) manages to win.

    But with the Alvin Greene debacle, it seems like outright fraud might be one of those contigencies. There is something very weird going on in SC.

  7. Anonymous,

    This article on wikipedia indicates that "deep state" is a concept attributed to the government of Turkey.

    Nevertheless it is akin to the "shadow government" concept many have of the U.S. situation.

    I suppose you are offering the suggestion that Obama is to some degree nefariously controlled by inexplicable powers behind the scene when he leaves the beaten path of left of center, moderate democrats, moderate independents, and moderate republicans who helped elect him.

    That issue has been discussed here since his election, and three theories have been offered: 1) his life has been put in jeopardy by those elements so he is doing things to save his life, 2) the country is in such bad shape he can't do anything about it, and 3) he is an imposter who is really a right wing ideologue.

    There seems to be no consensus on this controversy.

    The lesson for government officials is to be honest in campaigns, then if you fail on a promise once in office, admit it, as you explain clearly and truthfully why you failed (opposition party did it, your own party could not muster votes, etc.).

    That might go a longer way toward healing the breach of distrust the people have toward the government than denial does.