Saturday, September 12, 2009

That Back To The Future Crap

Space Shuttle watchers were given a spectacle reminiscent of the dark ages when the plague raged through Europe because of poor sanitation:
The beautiful trail in the sky looked like a mysterious celestial event. In reality, it was urine.

Some skygazers were treated to the unexpected view of a bright sparkling glow Wednesday night, created when astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery dumped the waste out into space.

The water dump was a scheduled task for STS-128 pilot Kevin Ford, who poured out urine and waste water stored aboard the shuttle in preparation for a landing attempt Thursday.
(Space). So now that we have contaminated the Earth with at least two continents of floating garbage, we can now get into the process of polluting space as well?

That must really impress the world as we fly overhead seeming to be dumping refuse on them, because our urine is so sparkly and futuristic but theirs isn't?

The symbolism of a ring of refuse around the Earth, perhaps meaning we rename the planet to "Urine-US", alone makes it not worth the few bucks being "saved".

After all, the shuttle can land with quite a load more than 150 pounds, and it could be recycled into brown water.

Bottom line, the space sewage could be disposed of decently as if we were a bit more civilized than the world is beginning to think.

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