Monday, September 7, 2009

You Labour In Vain & Get Plundered

Bush II brought us two wars we did not want, an economy rife with loss of homes and jobs, and a dishonesty that would make Pathological Liars Anonymous blush.

So comes another Labour Day when we ponder the fruits of our labour.

While the neoCon bushies increase their lies to the max, trying to lie out of their crimes and blame it on the current administration, soldiers labour in Afghanistan under the guise of bringing democracy to an ancient nation at the point of a gun, hoping against hope to succeed where every other empire has failed.

Meanwhile allegations of a massively fraudulent election in Afghanistan spread around the internet and international press, blaming the U.S. inserted figurehead Karzai for election fraud.

But the Dick Cheney of Afghanistan is the behind the scenes winner, while the U.S. Treasury containing the people's money is plundered.

Is election fiasco, environmental fiasco, and financial fiasco what we have laboured for all these years?

Have a HAPPY LABOR DAY and don't let them bring you down too far.

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