Friday, September 11, 2009

America - The Days The Music Died

Many will remember the song American Pie by Don McClean, Pearl Harbor, and "9/11" eight years ago today, on September 11, 2001.

The lyrics of the song American Pie clearly depict a loss of the intangible because the song depicts a poetic, musical notion that there was a day when the music died:
In a voice that came from you and me
And while the King was looking down
The jester stole his thorny crown
The courtroom was adjourned
No verdict was returned
My hands were clenched in fists of rage
No angel born in hell
Could break that satan's spell
And as flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw satan laughing with delight
the day the music died.
I went down to the sacred store
Where I'd heard the music years before
But the man there said the music wouldn't play
And in the streets the children screamed
The lovers cried and the poets dreamed
But not a word was spoken
The church bells all were broken
(American Pie, Wiki). The Pearl Harbor Episode before that, and the 9/11 Episode after that caused loss to our nation too.

In both cases a part of the music of the U.S. Constitution died.

After Pearl Harbor thousands upon thousands of Americans were put into concentration camps because of their race.

After 9/11 thousands upon thousands of Americans have been put into media (TV, Newspaper, Magazine) built mental concentration camps where they are not allowed to question the government, on pain of being ridiculed and scorned by the main stream media controlled by corporations that are influenced by the government.

Thus, in these two examples of national dementia, the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution were and are violated.

The government gets by with it, in the 9/11 case, because they have the lackey media to do indirectly what they could not do directly.

In the Pearl Harbor case the courts upheld the illegal and unconstitutional detentions like they once had upheld racial segregation and slavery.

There are thousands of professionals and millions of non-professionals who do not believe that the 9/11 Commission got to the truth concerning the events of September 11, 2001, eight years ago today.

These people are not given their rights, just as the Americans with Asian ancestry were not given their rights following Pearl Harbor in the early 1940's, some sixty or so years ago.

What has replaced the constitutional rights is unwarranted wiretaps, torture, invasions, wars the majority reject, economic disaster due to wasteful spending, and an increasing sense that the government is inept and corrupt.

The recent Birther movement is seen as a conspiracy theory, but at least they were able to go to court, even to the Supreme Court, to have their petition heard.

However, even though the two bipartisan chairmen and the legal counsel of the 9/11 commission say they now know that perjured testimony and testimony from individuals who were tortured prior to the Commission coming into existence, gave information which the Committee relied upon in reaching its conclusions.

The Birthers got their hearing and so should the Truthers, because the Constitution guarantees the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Many of these Truthers are grieving family members who only want a more honest Commission report, which is something we all deserve.

Check out their website and give them support if you are so inclined.

UPDATE: The public is not hoodwinked by the press as much as the press would hope:
The public's assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans' views of media bias and independence now match previous lows.

Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate.
(Pew Research). Good, stay sceptical until the press stops being the lackey for the neoCon far right.


  1. Just about the only serious disagreement I have ever had with Bill Maher was his block-headed refusal to proffer the exact same Constitutional rights enjoyed by the "Birthers", in questioning the things that disturb us, up to and including the Supreme Court. This post is the most lucid summation of the position we've been "boxed into", and I welcome the opportunity to add a comment.

  2. Diamond Ed,

    I could not agree more. Maher has brain lock on this one.

    He puts all the Truthers in the same bag, then trashes them. Not good, they deserve what the past Chairmen of the old Commission that failed want, a new Commission.

  3. the latest edition of The Bill Maher Show offers one of his freshest, most relevant monologues ever and the YouTube clips were posted on Raw Story, and of course bebopvideos and it was fantastic...up until a few minutes ago when HBO pulled the clips for a copyright other words if your one of the millions of Americans who's found themselves in an extremely precarious financial state, and god forbid, lost your HBO, by god your shit out of luck as a target viewer of Bill Maher...I think if I was Bill Maher, I'd be thinking long and hard about curtailing "freedom of speech"...maybe you could go down to BestBuys and catch his act on the fly...he's also catching a little flack for his bone-headed refusal to show any regard whatsoever for folks that are so bold as to question any aspect of 911 and the flakey, inadequate investigation by the government...oh' well, this is the worst time in the world for the left to become fragmented...

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  5. Diamond Ed,


    I thought I would publish your post in case any other readers want to check out your blogs and any others you mentioned.

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