Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama Must Prove Gender

The Birthers only have it half right.

According to the "GENITALS", the right wing of the Birther Movement, Obama must be fully right and prove gender like Caster Semenya was required to do.

One lefty, "Pat" of Saturday Night Live (SNL) fame, was allowed to get away with it, so no one ever found out about Pat's gender.

It is a national scandal depriving us of our constitutional right to be way, way right.

Bring back warrantless wiretaps and indefinite prison terms for the heathen.

We must not let the doubt of Obama's gender bring down our great republic.

We know many people think that Pat became Pat Buchanan, but many others think Pat became Patty Duke.

No matter, The Genitals want long birth certificates and pictures ... yeah that's the ticket ... lots of pictures.

1 comment:

  1. For those who have had their humor radar depleted during these recent years that have produced birthers and a plethora of other madnesses, this was a sarcastic post.