Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tail Evolution & Political Science Tales

A recent post discussed the origin of a species of politician.

What we have now discovered in political science, that tales have a life of their own, has now been discovered in biological science. This may be another case of biomimicry gone bad. Scientists did some experiments and have concluded that:
Geckos and other lizards have long been known for their incredible ability to shed their tails as a decoy for predators, but little is known about the movements and what controls the tail once it separates from the lizard's body.

The scientists demonstrate that tails exhibit not only rhythmic but also complex movements, including flips, jumps and lunges, after the tails are shed.

"What we've discovered is that the tail does not simply oscillate in a repetitive fashion, but has an intricate repertoire of varied and highly complex movements, including acrobatic flips up to three centimetres in height."
(Science Daily). Could it be that we are seeing evolution take place right before our eyes? The tail of the lizard has become the tale of the politician?

Dick Cheney and his revisionist historian crew have fostered tales that have a life of their own, an energy causing those tales to flip flop all over the place, leading the media into an abyss of frenzy.

Hey, survival of the fittest tale?

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