Monday, September 14, 2009

In Defense of Noam Chomsky

For those of you who read here from time to time, you know that Noam Chomsky is quoted and referred to regularly here.

There is also a link to his website on page one of this blog, for those who don't want to simply sip Chomsky, but who want that fine wine by glass instead.

One of the first blog posts here was The Deceit Business, which quoted a discussion between Chomsky and another intellectual about the massive deceit business in the United States and Britain.

That massive deceit business was more tame and had better manners, akin to "honour among thieves", at one time; but now it seems that they are coming unglued and are becoming moral barbarians from head to toe:
In the annals of damage control strategies, this one from Bonner & Associates may go down as one of the least effective ever: We may have forged 13 letters to lawmakers about climate change, on behalf of our coal industry client. But definitely not 14!

Yesterday we reported that congressional investigators had found a fourteenth forged letter to a lawmaker criticizing the recent climate change bill, purporting to come from a Virginia American Legion post, but actually sent by Bonner, the Washington-based astroturf lobbying firm, on behalf of a coal-industry client.
(TPM). I hypothesize that this degeneration is a result of the military oil media complex monstrosity having morphed from the old military industrial complex that was the focus of the Eisenhower warnings.

Professor Chomsky has seen this and has talked about it for years and years. It is time he was given air time about this in the media, after they break free from their chains of endearment.

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