Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Terror Is A Natural Phenomenon

How can we live an entire life and not learn the fundamental nature of our Sun, the planet we live on, the galaxy our solar system is in, or the universe beyond?

The solar eclipse had mixed reviews:
"The celestial event was met by a mixture of awe, excitement and fear."

"And in India, a woman was crushed as thousands of viewers crowded the banks of the Ganges for a glimpse."
(BBC UK, italics added). The Sun has such an effect on all life in this solar system that even cattle thought the end of the day had arrived, when the bright solar disk was blocked out by the Moon, so they headed to their bedding areas.

It will be this way as long as there are central stars with orbiting planets that have life upon them, as long as we are at the mercy of that star and our species, and as long as we are not cosmic adults.

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