Monday, July 20, 2009

When Is It Our Turn?

Why isn't there enough money (in our nation that has many voices who like to brag about it being the most wealthy nation) for us to be healthy?

Do you sincerely think congress would be bombarded with lobbyists and all manner of wild-eyed corporatists (if war making weaponry was the subject of debate) yelling and screaming "it will bust the budget"?


So, since congress is being frantically bombarded with lobbyist voodoo at the moment, the subject matter being debated must be something good for the middle class?

Like national health care reform?

The military oil complex has had its way with all the money it wants for a long, long time and the world is anything but safer, healthier, and more secure.

The fundamentalist warsters think pointing a weapon at people under the threat of death is the way to peace, health, happiness, and prosperity.

Yes, they seem to think that people just love war minded soldiers, and want to invite hundreds of thousands of them to their country soon to shoot the place up and destroy its prosperity.

Yeah right.

Not only are they deluded, but they are evangelizing their delusions, packaging and huckstering the delusions on bumper sticker one liners, big TV campaigns, and continuing to bring misery upon the nation and upon the earth with a sales system they also use to sell tooth paste.

A trillion dollars a year for the basic military, then hundreds of billions more for the two wars, then billions more to take care of the mentally and physically ruined in the wars, and they want more so they can bring more misery to themselves and everyone else.

When does climate safety and security get a chance, the poor and needy, international space treaties and synchronized efforts for the future of mankind, 50,000 children starving each day, millions homeless, and millions more homeless and ill, get a turn?

A poor man with a child on an electric asthma machine is denied more electricity, so the heat wave kills him and all his children in the house when the cold hearted profit minded corporation denies relief over a mere pittance; meanwhile relief in the hundreds of billions of dollars in TARP money is given to the rich.

When do the cosmic adults evolve into the picture?

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