Wednesday, July 22, 2009

President Mahmoud Is All Mavericky

Even in Iran the president is supposedly able to choose a Vice President.

Ahmadinejad did just that and chose a relative in a bit of mavericky nepotism.

The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said it was a bad choice and forbade it because the man had said Iran really had no quarrel with Israel.

Once again Ahmadinejad got mavericky and said he was not going to fire his VP:
Reporting from Beirut -- Iran's president, under attack by reformists after his disputed election victory last month, on Tuesday openly defied his most powerful backer, refusing an order by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to dump a newly chosen vice president who is despised by hard-liners for insisting last year that Iranians had no quarrel with the Israeli people
(LA Times). Some who call themselves election progressives here in the U.S. had become mavericky themselves, alleging that the election in Iran was a bona fide election.

They got mavericky again when they saw massive Iranian street protests, and they immediately decided that those protests were CIA induced, which shows once again how fooled they have been by Iranian politics.

UPDATE: Perhaps Mahmoud got all moody which replaced his all mavericky when he heard that Sarah "All Maveriky" Palin was resigning.

He has now become all moody and lost his all mavericky soul and bowed down to the Supreme Islam Being and has fired his VP choice.


  1. The title of the leader of Iran is "Leader." I only mention this, as the use of Supreme Leader is found in articles of a certain bias, and is an instant tip-off.

  2. Kathy,


    If one does a google search on "supreme ayatollah iran" there are many references to "the supreme leader" ...

    A certain bias ... widespread ... indeed.

    The wikipedia entry on it gives the persian words and seems to support your position, but at the same time they keep using "the supreme leader".