Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan - 12

Alias Fruit Salad
This episode is about a not-a-so-called-judge (Judge Liddle Pistol) who everyone once knew was into dating high school girls bigly (Former Colleague, c.f. Everyone thought it was weird, GOP Rumors Too).

This observant Judge Liddle Pistol shot back that he always got their mother's permission to date them (The Week).

So, there is a movement to have Judge Liddle Pistol come over to the Whut? House for an interview by The Don for a job as Adoreme General to replace the current AG, The Who Doo.

In that serious Whut? House conference, The Banner Who Stayed intimated that "if these allegations prove to be true" we want Judge Liddle Pistol to replace The Who Doo
Whut? House Conference about Judge Liddle Pistol
because he would be a hands on general like the Mighty Quinn, Gen. Killy, Gen. Skin Head, or even the general Moochifer.

The Banner Who Left quipped that "we need a general who will put his hands on the Russia thingy and have his way with it rather than do like The Who Doo and nastily recuse himself before everyone."

Waiting for Judge Liddle Pistol
to come down from Alabama
The First Pence (a.k.a. Chief Yellow Pence'l) added, "we need a strong man who never worries about the smell test" (Once Upon A Time In The West - 2).

Meanwhile, The Don was excruciatingly happy to find everything in the odor he left it in when he returned from an art of the deal trip abroad.

On that trip The Don colluded bigly with "Rusher and Jaina" to persuade Liddle Short and Fat Rocket Man to stop calling The Don "old" (TMZ).
The Don has called just about everyone in the U.S. a liar, but believes Putin (see tweet to the left; click to enlarge).

He is preparing for the uproar that is building up due to his being "the greatest president of all time," or perhaps he is preparing for his next big deal to cut those burdensome federal taxes now placed on the billionaires like himself.
The Don can thereafter beat down some more unions and eradicate some more minimum wage laws now that he will have the hands on help of Judge Liddle Pistol (after first sending The Who Doo back to sweet home Alabama).

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