Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan - 5

"I am not an American Company"
In the previous post I wrote:
"Well, we covered The Don, The Banners, and Sgt. Dog in the previous posts of this series (The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan, 2, 3).

So, today let's cover the Mighty Quinn, a General of Bullshitistan if there ever was one.
(The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan - 4). So, in today's episode let's cover T-Rex, the guy from the tradition "I am not an American company." (The Private Empire's Social Media Hit Squads).

Recently T-Rex forgot to put on his camouflage package, and therefore went alt-pro shape-shifter out in alt-right public view:
"Secretary of State [T-Rex] is skipping a NATO meeting, but he is planning to travel to Russia next month. His travel schedule is raising alarms in Europe." - NPR
"[T-Rex's] decision to miss his first NATO meeting but visit Russia a week later plunged his department into damage control, frustrated allies and left analysts scratching their heads at an administration that once again is rubbing Europe the wrong way and raising questions about its commitment to its Western allies." - CNN
"America’s newly-installed secretary of state [T-Rex] is to skip his first Nato meeting, it has been announced, and will instead greet the president of China and then travel to Russia." - Telegraph
The media's consternation is misplaced due primarily to a dearth of knowledge of the history of Oil-Qaeda, so let's just briefly go through it from recent on back into the more distant past:
"Speaking from the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, Russian President Vladmir Putin lauded ExxonMobil, calling the company Russia’s 'old and reliable [dirty oil] partner.'"
(Deepwater Horizon Keeps On Killing & Drilling - 3). That took place several years ago in 2014.

Going back further, Oil-Qaeda all along has been in sufficient control of "America's lifeblood" ("Oil is the lifeblood of America's economy" - ibid) via surreptitious State Department machinations:
John D. Rockefeller, in his 1909 Random Reminiscences of Men and Events, recalled, "One of our greatest helpers has been the State Department. Our ambassadors and ministers and consuls have aided to push our way into new markets in the utmost corners of the world." But he left out a key explanation for the government's interest. Standard Oil was the biggest U.S. company, putting a hundred ships to sea, buying and selling oil in Latin America, Germany, and the Far East. It also operated a global intelligence system. "By 1885," according to one historian, "seventy percent of the Standard's business was overseas and it had its own network of agents through the world, and its own espionage service, to forestall the initiatives of rival companies or governments."
(The Private Empire's Social Media Hit Squads). Is it any wonder, then, that T-Rex would come out of the closet, come from behind the curtain, and show us how things have always been over at the State Department?

Their secular religion (Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar!, 2, 3, 4, Hateful Oilboarding For Oilah Akbar, Oilah Akbar in Afghanistan, You Rejected Your Only Savior For Oilah) has shaped and shifted world events since your grandmother and grandfather tried to figure it out long ago:
Long before politicians mewled helplessly about the power of “Big Oil”, carbon-based fuels were shaping our very political, legal, intellectual, and physical structures.
For instance, the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a pivotal moment in America’s strategic outlook. America, a global hegemon whose empire was weakening, seized the second largest oil deposits in the world as a way of preventing its economic and political decline.
The last declining global hegemon, Great Britain, also engaged in a brutal and highly controversial British occupation of Iraq, in the 1920s, pressed aggressively by the well-known British conservative, Winston Churchill.
From the moment he arrived at the Admiralty, a young man of destiny, Churchill started to prepare the fleet for the Battle of Armageddon he believed was inevitable.
Then, in 1911, the German Kaiser provoked the Agadir crisis ... Churchill went to the Admiralty and his outlook transformed. He was immediately confronted with the decisive question: to convert the navy from coal to oil ... the "fateful plunge" was made ... in April 1912 ... five oil-burning battleships were approved.
Britain was well supplied with coal [but not oil]. It was the Royal Navy which was the impetus for the development of the oil industry in Britain. The problem was supply and the security of that supply. Initially, the British government purchased shares in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, subsequently, British Petroleum [BP].
Then, to prevent further disruptions, Britain enmeshed itself ever more deeply in the Middle East, working to install new shahs in Iran and carve Iraq out of the collapsing Ottoman Empire.

Churchill fired the starting gun, but all of the Western powers joined the race to control Middle Eastern oil.
(The Universal Smedley - 2, cf The Fleets and Terrorism Follow The Oil - 2). There is little wonder that sometimes T-Rex will forget to play-pretend (which shocks the media).

He recently did so by accidentally pointing out the Russia thingy, thereby revealing that the media are lost in space, and causing a "YAH" psychological reaction a la You Are Here.

T-Rex is in Jurassic Park baby, acting out the final scene (the Anthropocene).

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T-Rex to Lady Liberty:


  1. Will T-Rex become extinct by an "asteroid" like the other dinos?

  2. Excellent Dredd
    Just (re) watched Australia's epic WW1 propaganda film '40,000 Horseman'(1941) and marvelled at how enduring and powerful the screen messages prevail, still.

    Battling for democracy and freedom, eh mate? The more things change, the more they stay the same...

  3. T-Rex denies money from congress to fight Russian propaganda - link