Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Guest Post by GiGi

by GiGi

These are stunning, trying times.
This is a time of instability.
It is a time for an awakening of civility;
a time of revisiting civics and caring for humanity.

It is a time to wright the ship.
In this sea of challenge, we are tempest tossed.
This is no time for "NOT paying attention."
We must arm ourselves with facts that lead us to reality.

May the scales fall from our eyes.
Courage and caring for country are needed
to face our fears and disappointments.
It takes courage to look at truth.

It takes courage to grapple with responsibility.
It takes citizens armed with facts that lead us to knowledge.
All of these are needed to gather wisdom.
All of these are needed to be a patriot and to save our humanity.

The four following songs tell a story.
I suggest listening to all four of them.
See where they take you.

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