Monday, August 21, 2017

A Sea of Sea Changes

Real News:


Dr. Carter:


  1. Superb info Dredd--many thanks for the collection. The vid On Greenland's ice melt and reference to the 'ghost' water must have been very satisfying!

    Other factors can contribute to melting beyond temperature and Greenland ( as countless other parts of Earth's surface) have seen spectacular impacts that quite logically would influence 'everything' on the planet's surface.

  2. "First tanker crosses northern sea route without ice breaker" (BBC News)

  3. "As the climate continues to warm, the permanently frozen ground underneath much of Alaska is starting to thaw. While the loss of permafrost would obviously have big consequences for the state's population, wildlife, and infrastructure, perhaps even more alarmingly, it would also have a huge impact on the already increasing global temperature." link