Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Doing The Alt-Right Thing - Mithraism - 4

Black Beard Alt-Right does Washington, D.C.
Due to a slight change in the name of the right, a change from "right" to "alt-right," I changed the name of this series.

It is a timely change based on an untimely change based on the new-old religion of Washington, D.C. religionists celebrating for the rapture of November the Eighth.

As you have most likely heard by now, the all-powerful GOP got caught doing what the media now thinks was a boo boo:
Majorities in Congress often overreach, but usually not on the very first day.

House Republicans, on the verge of a Washington takeover as the new Congress convened Tuesday, couldn’t stop themselves from trying to dilute the power of a despised ethics watchdog as their first order of business. In the process, they created an unsightly spectacle that pretty much ruined an opening-day celebration of unified Republican government, undermined their own leadership and perhaps foretold the shape of things to come.
“Mr. Trump campaigned that he was going to drain the swamp, and here we are on Day 1 trying to fill the swamp,” Representative Walter B. Jones, Republican of North Carolina, said after he and his colleagues hurriedly jettisoned a plan seen as a brazen attempt to weaken an independent ethics office that some felt had been unfair to lawmakers. “That is not a good way to start.”
(NY Times, emphasis added). Actually, they were simply practicing their alt-right religion (Doing The Right Thing - Mithraism, 2, 3).

Yep, "pass the lard and praise the ammunition" (Hypothesis: The Cultural Amygdala - 4).

The part of their religion which they were seized of was the same as what Karl Rove and Bush II fixed upon:
How did the bushies remove the boogie man from under your bed, since that description sounds strangely like the banksters of recent "bailout" infamy?

How did they do that you may be asking? The answer is that they did it using what they think is the "Christian way".

The very Bible they profess to follow says: "... because law brings wrath. Where there is no law, there is no transgression of the law" (Romans 4:15). Now ask yourself, "what good robber baron wants 'wrath' for doing what comes naturally"?

So, when the bushies heard the preacher in church quoting Romans 4:15 their eyes twinkled so brightly folks in the pews around them thought that a meteorite was passing overhead.

It was like the conversion of the Apostle Paul, only in reverse. It was an epiphany of the sort that changes a nation from one age into another age.

They removed the law, which made taking money from the public trough in certain ways, robbery. Thus, no robbery law, no transgression of the law bringing wrath, and thus no more robber barons.

The U.S. then entered the age of the Plunder Barons, who after gorging themselves under Bush II and the republican controlled congress, are seeing if they can corrupt the new blood recently elected.
(Bush II Eradicated The Robber Barons - 4, emphasis added). No ethics law means no ethics violations in the

Yep, business as usual (a.k.a. same ole same ole) in the swamp out on Highway 61.

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  1. "Bruce Springsteen: Trump's lies appeal to many Americans" - link

  2. The seats in the house have been replaced with pews (Faith on the Hill, The religious composition of the 115th Congress).

    Pew, that stinks ...

  3. When they were exposed for the ethics rebellion, they crossed the line of the constitutional law concerning separation of powers, and planted themselves into the administrative branch (REINS, Desmog Blog).