Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fog of War - McWarster McNamara

Robert McNamara has died.

I did not like him during the Vietnam war; but did like him after his confessions to war crimes in the documentary The Fog of War; which interestingly had to do with WW II and the "campaign" against Japan, not Vietnam.

At least I liked his final grasp of honesty and his willingness to share it.

The mother of all wars loves her children, like all mothers who eat their own young do.

The McNamara type remorse currently being felt in the U.S., and the world at large, is causing neoCons to be busy about moving their money, power, and influence over to the democratic party, and away from the increasingly losing republican party and the intense scrutiny it is pulling to itself.

It explains why Bush II and the bushie warsters are not being prosecuted for anything from criminal torture to other war crimes. McNamara explained why this happens.

Notice some patterns; McNamara was a republican Secretary of Defense, like Gates; bipartisan rhetoric abounds; the republicans seem to be self-destructing with media help; Obama is morphing to the right and has talked about one term only; like Johnson eventually did.

While history in no way follows fixed structures, it does help to notice patterns if we are to grasp some of history's lessons.

Keep your eye on the morph which begins within those exposed to power.


  1. If you have any belief in gods, devils, hell, please, pray that this war criminal spends eternity in the deepest pits of hell.

    I've lived in my personal hell for 40 years after my tour in Vietnam, I lost god, honor, self respect, pride, and any belief in goodness or honesty. And this semihuman made it all possible.

  2. Anonymous Veteran,
    Thank You for your service.

  3. This sumbitch was also the one who called the Navy Jet fighters back when they were on their way to defend the USS Liberty against the zionist trash murderers from is ra hell.

    If I believed in hell I would certainly light some candles or take the devil out for a whiskey drink in order to make this tritor, along with LBJ, burn in endless flames.

  4. Bamboo Harvester,

    I am sure there are some Vietnam Vets who like McNamara and who just don't post here.

    My brother, a navy person, told me many times about the domino theory in support of it, but I told him that was pure propaganda and untested military theory.

    I still love him and he still loves me, even though he is of a different political persuasion.