Saturday, July 11, 2009

When Indoctrination Is Enlightenment

"I get all the news I need on the weather report" goes the old Simon & Garfunkel lyrics.

"I get all the enlightenment I need from the government report" might be the lyrics today:
Not enough relevant officials were aware of the size and depth of an unprecedented surveillance program started under President George W. Bush, let alone signed off on it, a team of federal inspectors general found.

The Bush White House pulled in a great quantity of information far beyond the warrantless wiretapping previously acknowledged, the IGs reported. They questioned the legal basis for the effort but shielded almost all details on grounds they're still too secret to reveal.
(Tulsa World, emphasis added). It is a no no not to tell congress when the president is illegally wire tapping them or even wee the people, however, what they were doing to us is a secret we cannot know.

Yet, our government is traveling around the world telling nations how to be good democracies, sometimes at the end of a gun held to their heads, and not even blushing or feeling shame!

Yet even symbolic gestures of protest cause seizure of freedom or property, while the actual non-symbolic violation of patriotism by violating the constitution goes on unpunished because administrative doctrine today is that violations of the U.S. Constitution are "policy decisions".

As if that were not enough, some of our well-known scholars declare that our educational system is "a form of indoctrination", and that one of the main purposes of business is to deceive the people.

It gets down to a process whereby indoctrination is our enlightenment, which can hardly qualify us to become cosmic adults.

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