Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who Would Allah Vote For?

My recent take on the Iranian election was that the Iranian neoCons had fooled some progressive election integrity folk here in the U.S.A.

Evidently many mullahs in Iran have not been fooled, however, and they are now making more noise:
The most important group of religious leaders in Iran called the disputed presidential election and the new government illegitimate on Saturday, an act of defiance against the country’s supreme leader and the most public sign of a major split in the country’s clerical establishment.

“This crack in the clerical establishment, and the fact they are siding with the people and Moussavi, in my view is the most historic crack in the 30 years of the Islamic republic,” said Abbas Milani, director of the Iranian Studies Program at Stanford University. “Remember, they are going against an election verified and sanctified by Khamenei.”
(NY Times). This seems to be evidence of a difference of opinion which the neoCon crushers of the demonstrators will not be able to subdue willy nilly.

This dissent comes from a substantial Iranian source.

A source that can mould opinion, and which has the type of respect which the Ahmadinejadians will not be able to taint by frivolous references and allegations of ties to external western corrupting influences, such as the CIA or MI5; nor can they pin this on the Mossad of Israel.

The plot thickeneth.

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