Monday, May 18, 2009

One Perspective On Spawning Freedom

Everyone likes to be free to do what they want.

It is natural to be that way, however, there are limitations to the notion that we are free to do whatever we want.

The spectacle or debacle of bringing American democracy to Iraq at the point of a gun, and a similar notion for Afghanistan, are recent examples.

Yes, recent examples that have had the world scratching their heads and muttering under their breath about mad cow disease in America.

As the photo shows, the neoCon ideology of spawning freedom can be applied in an unnatural fashion that is guaranteed not to accomplish the purpose of the pooch.

When we "crap where we eat" (destroy the environment) while we talk about our concern for the ecosystem and health, people see through it.

When we invade and occupy weak nations who have done no inviolable wrong (except to have strategic resources), all the while talking about peace and human rights, we are as obvious to the world as the pooch in the photo is to the photographer.

The pooch that is in "me like, me take" mode could care less about anything other than the ins and outs of his lust and his desire to satiate that lust, and it is quite obvious to everyone except the pooch.

The national cover up of neoCon lust and bankrupt ideology is another spectacle sure to spawn more and more words arranged in a manner that fools only the fools, who are already fooled.

Everyone else in the world sees the obvious shame. They have a curse which they utter when they are very angry at another person: "may the bushies bring democracy to you".

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