Friday, May 15, 2009

Innocent, Tortured, Human Being Freed

The Bush II regime is "proud to have water boarded" according to Dick Cheney.

I wonder if that goes for a famous captive at GITMO of whom it is said:
"He was deemed innocent of all charges relating to the participation in eventual terrorist activities by judicial decisions in several countries, including the United States," Chevallier said. "Now that he is free, we hope that Lakhdar Boumediene can resume a normal life." ... said French Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier ...
(HuffPo, emphasis added). An innocent man tortured to elicit lies to cover up the despicable crimes of a mad, corrupt, and despicable Bush II regime.

The Supreme Court had ruled in Boumediene's favor in the past. The courts seem to be getting it that the Bush II regime was a pathological liar.

But is the Bush II regime now being protected by an Obama Administration gone awry?

I hope not. Good for the Obama Administration for releasing an innocent person!!!

This is also a microcosm for the condition the United States was left in by the Bush II regime; the U.S. on a stretcher asking the rest of the world for help ... e.g. money from China.

The Obama administration will not be able to change most of the chronic sickness of the society by becoming Ferengi on steroids.

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