Saturday, May 23, 2009

Conservative Judiciary vs Obama?

We pointed out that, at this time, the federal judiciary is at its most conservative status since the 1930's.

But it is a moderate judge who is threatening to hold the Obama Administration in contempt of court for failing to comply with court orders.

Unlike Bush II, who never promised open government, Obama promised more open government but is defying a court order concerning openness in a case assigned to the judge by a special panel of judges.

Obama is clearly at odds with his campaign rhetoric to bring more openness to the presidency specifically, and to the government in general.

One wonders if Obama or A.G. Holder have changed their mind about openness; whether it is now on an ad hoc basis; whether the U.S. Attorneys handling the case are Bush II U.S. Attorneys (who were more aware of the case than a newbie would be, and were thus allowed to continue); or whether the Obama Administration has gone all Cheney on us?

Must all U.S. presidents have a bushie perspective of things?

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