Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter of Pop Cornyn Saving America

Senator Arlen Specter, by becoming a changeling and a shape shifter, has endangered America.

At least he has according to his former right wing party leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Even before Senator Specter became a danger to America, John "Pop" Cornyn was threatening WW III if the democratic majority in the US Senate tried to seat Al Franken.

At least before the Federal Supremes had a chance to do the Bush v Gore thingy once again.

Never mind the Minnesota Supremes because that could be over in months; the Federal Supremes could take until next year. Yummy Pop Cornyn.

So, perhaps we should get ready to add fireworks to our popcorn plans for this highly recommended election technique documentary movie.

It is Shakespearean baby, and Bigga Badda Boom John Cornyn of the Republic of The Secession State, Texas, is gonna light up your life.

Franken, in the interim, perhaps you could do a Saturday Night Live with Sarah Palin and Ted "Bridge To Nowhere" Stephens.

That would be good for the popcorn industry.

UPDATE: Buy popcorn stock. Arlen Specter, the newest democrat in the Senate, says that Norm Coleman should win in Minnesota and be seated before the Bush v Gore thingy happens.

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