Wednesday, April 29, 2009

El Cid vs. Joe Six Pack

Torture: Abu Ghraib
This was revealed by Scott Horton over at The Daily Beast earlier:
In a ruling in Madrid today, Judge Baltasar Garzón has announced that an inquiry into the Bush administration’s torture policy makers now will proceed into a formal criminal investigation. The ruling came as a jolt following the recommendation of Spanish Attorney General Cándido Conde-Pumpido against proceeding with a criminal inquiry ...

Named as targets were former attorney general Alberto Gonzales, former chief of staff to the vice president David Addington, former general counsel of the Department of Defense William J. Haynes II, former Under-Secretary of Defense Douglas J. Feith, former assistant attorney general and current federal judge Jay Bybee and former deputy assistant attorney general and now professor of law at the University of California at Berkeley John Yoo.
(Daily Beast, emphasis added). By my calculations they would be better off to have El Cid do the criminal prosecution of "The Bush Six" listed above, because the death penalty can result under US criminal law.

Spain does not have the death penalty, and thus, El Cid has been described as "soft on crime" according to The Bush Sicks.

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  1. 4 avid music loversApril 30, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    It seems more than obvious that Pres. Shrub and Darth Cheney kept on looking behind the cobwebs and into the spider's den to find just the 'right' attorney general, who knew only enough constitutional law to be a danger to himself and others. Gonzo picked the wrong stand; now his fruit is over-ripe with strife. Ain't it a shame that, as it turns out, almost all Shrub's lawyers don't know their arss from the black hole in which they stepped. Bad choices always bite back! Why did they all pretend that they did not know any better?... like Bybee, who now complains that we just did the best we knew how at that time.