Wednesday, April 29, 2009

America's Berlin Wall - Come On Down

The Berlin Wall of old was built of solid concrete, but was torn down by solid social enlightenment.

A section of that old Berlin Wall is getting some artistic makeover during this anniversary time frame.

America's Berlin wall was built of what was called "solid" rhetoric, ill will, torture, and invasions. It was built by the far right wing Bush II regime, but it is also being taken down by solid social enlightenment, enhanced by the sound defeat that the right wing republican party took in the last two elections.

The switching of parties by a prominent republican who is now Arlen Specter (D-PA), only adds to the reality that the Right Wing Berlin Wall is being dismantled by Americans.

Yes, the ideology of pre-emptive nuclear ("nukyular") strikes, invade first find a reason second, catapulting the propaganda by pentagon payments to the "free press", torture first, ask why second, are all coming down just as the Germans did to the old concrete Berlin Wall.

People are celebrating being able to see across the ocean, yes, being able to see some smiles shining back.

Shining back at us across that vast expanse, for a change.

People are celebrating change we can believe in, here and in Germany.

UPDATE: As Bob Dylan said, speaking of U.S. presidents: these guys go in there with the best of intentions, but I see them crawling out later wondering what hit them (paraphrased).

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