Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inhofe, Beavis, & Butthead Need Waders

The unexpected discovery of the fact of the acceleration of the melt of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet has major side effects:

"That has a very large impact," Allison said, adding that extremely large storms which might previously have occurred once in a year would start to occur on a weekly basis.
(ABC News, italics added). We need not think long to imagine what it would be like to have a Katrina annually or even more frequently. After all, we haven't recovered from the last one yet.

Add to that a possible 5ft or more rise in ocean levels, and we have catastrophe in our future.

Nobel Prize winner and Economics Professor Paul Krugman said recently after hearing Jindal's rebuttal to President Obama's address to congress that the GOP is becoming the party of Beavis & Butthead. Perhaps GOP Senator Inhofe can take some of the blame for that. He infamously said:
As I said on the Senate floor on July 28, 2003, "much of the debate over global warming is predicated on fear, rather than science." I called the threat of catastrophic global warming the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," a statement that, to put it mildly, was not viewed kindly by environmental extremists and their elitist organizations.
(Real Climate). Yes, it is a bit extreme to call the warnings of the greater scientific community "the greatest hoax".

The history of climate science, as well as the history of climate science denial, which infected Inhofe, is presented in this [Ecocosmology Blog post] that has a video of a university professor giving a lecture on the subject.


  1. It gets worse.

    Senator Bunning is threatening to sue his own party, the GOP.

    He thinks they are plotting against him and he doesn't believe a word Senator Big Bad John Cornyn says.

    Beavis v Butthead? ... whatever happened to the GOP us v them doctrine?

  2. I always liked Jerry Brown. Here's an article from a while back, when he went after GW's environmental policies.

    The solution may be coming out of Germany. They are switching to using a lot of solar energy.

    Germany shines a beam on the future of energy
    Nation gambles on amped-up push for renewable power is a good website. I remember the dude Gavin Smith and others put geoengineering ideas in its Dr. Evil place.

    Geo-engineering in vogue…

    Yours truly actually made a few posts on that one.

  3. Who let the bats out of the Jindal Belfy . . .

  4. Whether hip or hep, the bull is getting so deep on the senate floor when neoCons jabber, this pair I would recommend to senators.