Saturday, February 28, 2009

Open Thread

Open some eyes and ears.


  1. They need some signatures: Leahy

  2. Interesting new flick for those who like Cohen Brothers.

  3. Am I a loser to like High School Reunion on TvLand?

  4. socrates,

    Don't know what you mean ...

  5. Ok, this is what I mean. You ever like some group or tv show that's kind of embarrassing?

    I used to like the Bee Gees and Culture Club. I mean, I was into the cool stuff too like Elvis Costello or Batman, but I also liked following the Luke and Laura on General Hospital.

    But in my defense, I hate Green Acres and the Beverly Hillbillies.

  6. I can think of many bands where I like one of their songs a lot, but not the others.

    There are very few bands that I like every single song they do.

    I like one or two episodes on some TV series, but not all episodes.

    Could be my mood, could be they were targeting different audiences ... hey that's art ...

  7. The Beverly Hillbillies was Brilliant! Great in it's time and still ahead of it's time. This show entertained on multiple levels.

  8. I've been getting into The Andy Griffith Show.

    Maybe it's my East Coast bias, Bamboo about the Hillbillies. I think it was the #1 rated show back then, while Star Trek got no respect.

    I'd like to see more Nat King Cole myself. What a tragedy. Same with the Smothers Brothers. And right when you think we are turning the corner, eight friggen years of Bush and Cheney.

    Randy, I'd say only a few groups have mastered it to the point where every tune tends to be solid.

    Tool, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix. But you're right about how albums usually only have one or two good tunes.

    Now I have Janis Joplin in my head for some reason. I don't mind. She was hot.

  9. The goons at Democratic Underground are talking trash about me.

    Larisa Alexandrovna Psyop

    "As for her detractors, they are gnats, buzzing around her head. For them, it is all sport, a game, a chance to maybe count coup. Generally, they cannot come close.

    She hasn't been around for a while. She was getting savaged here and the mods dropped the ball on it, as rare an occurence as that might be. Or at least that was my opinion of the matter. I look forward to her return. We are poorer without her contributions. Just as we are poorer for others who have been savaged for blood sport here, and have left or contribute much less than they did. Good people all, many have names you would instantly recognize, too."

    "and that psycho poster who was savaging her here (and if you don't believe what a psycho he was, imagine a message board where every post is by the same poster who is also the owner and sole mod. Better yet go to AT YOUR OWN RISK)

    Well, the psycho followed her to Kos where a mod quickly shut the bastard down and the Kos family quickly closed ranks upon him."

    "Apparently, the knucklehead has moved onto savaging someone else with false and misleading statements.

    What is sad is the longtime DU'ers who jumped right in with him and had their dirty way."

    "Ugh! I didn't know there was a time when she was being savaged by DU. Glad I missed THAT!

    I almost don't ant to know, but WHY? What could possibly have brought that on?

    When I hear of the DU Community acting like that, it is troubling."

    "Over the McConnell Planecrash.

    Lala does good journalistic work. That is a given. We at World News Trust know less-than-good journalistic work intimately, because at one time, Jason Leopold was a contributor to the site, the full story of which will never see the light of day, but trust me when I tell you: it's a ripping yarn. So we are in a unique position to tell good from not-so-good(I am being so goddamned diplomatic here. it hurts).

    I have blocked out some of the, shall we say, "more distasteful" details of Lala's savaging, but suffice to say, some people around here have real hardons."

    "I have read Larissa A at several other places and am very impressed

    and admire her much..
    I have not been at DU for very long, and did not realise that LaLa was her handle.
    We need more like her.
    I am so sick and bitter with the way our country has gone for the last 30 years.
    I try not to let it get at me. From the time I turned 18 and joined the navy I had to cope with rpigs. Starting with serving under RonnyRaygun..and being outed as gay within 9 months....
    Larrisa is one of those brave souls that speaks out for all of us that get trodden on."