Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Foggy Mountain Boyz Out To Watergate

We have posted articles concerning spookiness here, here, and here in the recent past.

Just to prove that history means little to nothing to some of them, the CIA boys rented front offices at the infamous Watergate and showed the Nixon boyz a thing or two about corruption.

The sentencing process for the deputy ring leader Dusty Foggo has drummed up some more dirty laundry very recently.

What set this up was that the CIA director at the time, Porter Goss, who had left his republican partners in the House, came over to CIA and was going to "clean it up". Heh heh heh.

He ended up at Foggy's Watergate place filled with wine, gambling, and high cost prostitutes.

Goss did an infamous Friday night resignation and disappeared into the dusty fog of bushie hysterics and history. And the CIA was left as clean as it ever had been before Goss and Foggy showed up.

But that is the way the cookie crumbles when the gambling at Foggy's Watergate had been rigged to let certain ones win. And when those certain ones won they got a free prostitute.

And you got notice of lots of pictures of your bed and gambling business so they could control what you did from then on. Blackmail by the good guyz, for the good guyz, and of the good guyz is what they call it.

Evidently during all that effort to protect Americans from bad guys, some of the photos got lost, or some of the hookers talked, or some other spies were spying on those spies ... who knows for sure ... but the frolic and wine hit the fan.

Hence, Friday night resignations and jail time.

Hey, just another example of taxpayer dollars being used for maximum bang for the luck.

UPDATE: Some people in congress were targets of surveillance which was used to further the ambitions of the spy. Sounds like someone graduated from the J. Edgar Hoover school of political blackmail.

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