Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Were Not Following Orders

Reputed mad man Serbian ex-President Milan Milutinovic has been acquitted on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Kosovo by a UN war crimes tribunal. He was ordered released from custody.

Haven't you wondered how Bush II could be guilty of intensively complicated robber baron schemes when he has such a difficult time with the Queen's english?

I think this paragraph from the article expresses my summation of the Bush II regime:
Five former top Serbian officials were found guilty on some or all the charges relating to the 1990s conflict. Their sentences range from 15 to 22 years.

The court found that the 66-year-old, who led Serbia from December 1997 to December 2002, had no direct control over the Yugoslav army.
(BBC News). In other words, Bush II was told to say "I am the decider" and he dutifully did so.

Even though he really wasn't. The military oil complex was the real decider.

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