Monday, February 23, 2009

Brad Blog's Popcorn Machine Emptied

Removed for new posts ...


  1. Wilburrr...~ The way I see it our first priority now is to fix the economy so all Americans can prosper ... BUT preferable for the poor and middle class. Sick of hearing folks suicidin... and neglecting their health to archive the same goal (RIP Bro) I think "OBY" is well on the way of gettin that done and he has my support (even if some the whack-jobs on the left and right don't think so ... they know who they are) ... Now that we have a friendly blog to hang out at that has no post delay ... we may have some economic suggestion to through out from time to time . . .

  2. Hey, maybe I should start every post with, Pour me some of that hemlock.

    I finally figured out the Wilburrr thing. Bamboo Harvester was the horse who played Mr. Ed. But I guess everyone knows who Socrates was. I just wish that Bamboo's name was from a tv show I actually enjoyed. Like maybe JJ Evans, one could start out every post with.... DYN-O-MITE!

    That'd be better than Dyn-o-Mat, anyway.

    So Wilburrrr, oops, Bamboo, any ideas about this new post from BradBlog?

    Brad decided on Nov. 3rd, 2004 to figure out the election fraud. On Nov.10th, Justice Through Music offered a $100,000 reward for info leading to proving such fraud took place. The reward attracted Brad's attention. Two days later, VelvetRevolution.US was registered. Yeah, that's the ticket

    Agent99, on the surface, seems to have put "TwoDays" in his place. On the surface. It's not like many know the truth about one of the smartest confidence men of all time, Brett Kimberlin. The major "progressive" forums are in some kind of information lockdown. The old, it's not what you know, it's who you know thingamajiggie.

    But, oh yeah, Mr. Dredd is very friendly. He's got a Steven Biko kind of approach to confronting injustice. He is the anti-Agent99. You won't find Dredd going on any hysterical rants. He does his research quietly, then proudly shares it without any hedging or capitulation to doctrinaire, cult-like groupthink.

    One can go towards the top of the comments on the linked to BradBlog thread and see that "Voter" confronted the haters straight on. If he had been an easily debunked Wally O'Diebold or Rush Lim[bot] type, he would have been welcomed to the show. Popcorn included. Being that he made some sense, Agent99 instead shouted the RULES FOR COMMENTING AT BRADBLOG to him.

    The BradBlog doesn't mind it when they are questioned by a distorted caricature of a closed-minded Republican. However, when faced with the truth about their own hypocrisies, of holes in their so-called EI finds of alleged rightwing whistleblowers, when their ties to a convicted terrorist is exposed, when their ties to rightwing hate domains such as WhatReallyHappened are explained to all, such people are not wanted at their political dinner table.

    I see no hippies, lefties, peaceniks, progressives, academic reason, goodwill, hope, sincerity, etc. at BradBlog. What I see is a well-constructed strawman for the EI movement with strong ties to an apparently contrived zeitgeist.

    Yes, Dredd's blog here is very friendly. Nonetheless, it appears that Dredd allows the free exchange of speech and association as long as it doesn't fit a pattern such as one finds with the Agent99's, the Brett Kimberlin's, the Big Dan's, the Phil's, and the rest of a "progressive" blogosphere which has zero connection to real life lefties and progressives. In short, the anger coming out of BradBlog comes across as if it is scripted!

    Agent99: Okay. Rep. Holt is a "clown", "idiot", "jackass", "piece of sh*t", and "f***ing elitist prick" for persisting in trying to disenfranchise us all. Happy?

    And when it becomes obvious to anyone with a functioning noggin that folks like Wayne Madsen, Larry Johnson, Larisa Alexandrovna, Brad, Bozos, Cannonfire, Markos Zuniga, Michael Rivero, Tinoire, Fintan Dunne, Agent99, etc. and et al have more holes in their presentations than swiss cheese, that is when we see them switch to the Citizen K playbook:

    When caught in a lie, just make another one up. If anyone is calmly able to point out the inconsistencies of the scripted zeitgeist, no worries, for no one is listening and no cares.

    As we have just found out through the exposure of MajorFlaw, cointelpro or forces acting similar to that, are alive and well, and have been gatekeeping major "progressive" domains such as Daily Kos and Democratic Underground for years.

  3. It wouldn't be right if I used "Mr.Ed" cuzz that was the name he used in the show ... and this ain't that show ... It's just them hangin out in the barn no cameras...

    That would be like calling Rob Reiner, Meathead ...oops well they do anyhow well ya get it ...

  4. ...remember this is no dumb Hoss!

  5. I hope we all like the new format. We all had problems with Big Max so we went Loose MaX.

    It is spring here and I am working my ass off on leaves and flowers and one of my brothers wants me to go to Mexico and surf and blog ... he has good computer hookups ... think Cabo and think Santos ... and think bud wiser ... not budweiser ...

    blogging in DA SAND with DA OCEAN and DA WIND ...

    A brother from many winds ago ... many, many winds ago ...

    You would like him a lot ...

    Anyway, you brothers and sisters who blog here just get your juices going and raise holy hell and reveal, reveal reveal ... this is a full of wonder experiment ...

    I know you love this nation and this earth and do not want to put up with big bother's bullshit. It is just too bothersome.

    If we can't make it happen ... can't save America ... I am going back to being a microbe.

    love and peace ...

  6. Thanks Bamboo for not taking me the wrong way. I took a peek at your stuff, and good job fighting for the beautiful horses. I think we in Beantown just outlawed the greyhound races, not sure.

    Hey Dredd, I think you have the right idea. It takes quality not quantity to build a village. And there's something to be said about pockets of awareness. Hopefully, good kindred spirits will find this place and give it a chance to be part of their blog diet.

  7. Mexico? Sounds great. You probably already read it, but check out On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I think there's some great writing in there about beatniks exploring our neighbour to the South.

  8. I have been to every state in the US, and have lived in a bunch of them (TN, GA, NJ, NY, FL, CA, AK, TX, WA, OH) ... I think that is all ...

    On the road ... yep ... I dig that ...

    I think I know that "solid" is a matter of spirit, mind, soul, emotion ... not just a matter of what dirt one is standing upon ...

    BTW ... you should see my soil factory ... I had one in Hollywood ... turned dead burned clay into flower and vegetable producing GOODNESS!

    This latest one ... good to the ... worm ... never kill a worm ... is working ...

    I swear ... when I took the grass skirt off this garden area ... I "talked" to it ... gently removed the grass layer ... did not harm a worm, or anything ... no noise ... took a long time ... and the neighbour who has lived next door for 50 years was amazed at what that little piece of ground did ... BIG plants ... in the first year ...

    Anyway ... the earth is so very, very wonderful ... quick to forgive me of my indiscretions against it when I was a fool ...

    ... but do not take the earth beyond the limit ... it is one crazy MF when it unleashes its fury ... ARE YOU LISTENING life forms "above" the microbe level?

    You can be Mars, Venus, or Earth. But not both ;) ...

  9. Hey guys, I need some help here. There is a total clampdown on my posting at BradBlog, to the point where anything I post is deleted.

    The thing is, what I'm bringing up has nothing to do with me. But the problem is that anyone who ever asks this crowd tough questions is either ridiculed, deleted, or both.

    So maybe you can help me out Bamboo or maybe Randy or someone else can and ask Brad the "two day" question. I think you'd have to say right from the get-go that you're not me, that the question is not for Agent99, but specifically for Brad.

    This is the same kind of bullying that takes place all the time in the "progressive" blogosphere. Some dude named CreekSneakers2 and myself had questioned Larisa Alexandrovna about the Michael Connell conspiracy story. We were then attacked as being sock puppets and AnonymousArmy and Diebold.

    This is nothing new for me. After starting the successful Brett Kimberlin Exposed thread at DU, I was bullied off as being a cointelpro troll with the whole 90 post, 5000 viewed thread being deleted.

    I then went to the Daily Kos and was bullied off again from a major "progressive" blog by Alexandrovna and someone named MajorFlaw. I was astroturfed as being a cuckoo banana stalker. Now we know that MajorFlaw{Michael Fingerit} has been gatekeeping both DU in 2004-05 and then Kos up until recently.

    Anyway, you know a raw nerve has been hit whenever the scrub brush is applied. Bamboo recently mentioned that Dredd's posts at Big Dan's blog appeared to have been deleted, and Dredd now confirms this.

    I got one post into BradBlog yesterday, and even though it was directed to Brad Friedman, Agent99 took over and responded within my post about how lame my question was. She made some kind of reference to how the $100,000 VR reward had probably been paid. Hmmm. That's the kind of wordplay Alexandrovna has used in vouching for Kimberlin while saying nothing to see here, move along.

    I think that's a sneaky trick Agent99 does, posting within someone's post. Because then it becomes easier for her to delete, if need be, not only the good question, but also her lame response.

    So I am asking for help to get the "two day" question to Brad. I don't understand the timeline which Brad himself has given of when he started his quest to figure out the whole EI "mess" and the origin of VR.

    Here's the first post, screenshot 1

    Here was my second post, screenshot 2

    Both are now gone.

    Again, this has nothing to do with me. I am a nobody who is simply asking questions that could come from anyone.

    Here's the timeline:

    From a Brad post at DU on Dec. 6th, 2004, he said he had started to look into "election integrity" on Nov. 3rd, 2004.

    Here was his response to the question of how he came to know Clint Curtis. Like with questions of how he and Kimberlin hooked up, notice how this response also provided next to no information.

    But back to the "two day" question.

    According to Brett himself, Justice Through Music sent out a press release offering the $100,000 reward on November 10th, 2004.

    I checked with an internet calendar, and the wednesday in question was indeed November 10th, 2004.

    According to Time Magazine's Wizard of Odd article, "the reward attracted blogger Brad Friedman, who then co-founded the netroots voting reform website with Kimberlin and serves as his face man."

    According to the whois, was registered on November 12th, 2004. That's two days! Now why can't Brad Friedman just once and for all explain his relationships with the Speedway Bomber and Clint Curtis? And this ain't about good old chemmie Socrates being a nuisance. This is about the fact that decent questions never get answered by this crowd.

  10. I hate to diss Mexico, just be careful. It's got a bad reputation for violence.

    I was lucky to live in Ireland for a number of years. Nature is outstanding, both humbling and inspiring.

    I also was lucky to take one of those Amtrak trips cross-country all the way to Oakland. Once we got past Cleveland, it was fantastic. California and the states before it were incredible to witness.

    I think one reason we are a downtrodden people for spirituality is not only the television. Too much of America does look the same, the strip malls, the fast food chains, etc.. Down in the very reaches of Cape Cod, you used to be able to glide down awe inducing sand dunes. Now there's another thing we humanoids have ruined.

    I miss the foliage due to climate change. New England used to have four distinct seasons. Now the leaves seem to go from green to brown in a matter of days. Then you'll also run across trees that start to bud in January. This winter has actually been a lot nicer with the steady cold.

    I definitely miss the Bay Area. That's a good bunch of kids you have there in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley. My time there will always remind me of a few things. One, the Rodney King riots were no fun. Not that I went looking for them, and they weren't half as bad in the Bay as in L.A..

    Then there was the case of Rosebud Denovo, who was murdered by police after trespassing the Dean's residence at UC Berkeley. She was the original Agent99. But she was actually a real person. Sure, she shouldn't have been carrying the machete, but it was really a tragedy how the homeless were having their last bastions of a home taken away.

  11. Oops, it was the Chancellor's house, not the Dean's.

    Most people wondered why she was killed, you know, like why not just shoot to get the machete out of her hands. I don't remember much of the story, but somehow I've never forgotten about her.

    And her story perhaps explains a bit more why I have a total disdain for the Speedway Bomber. His violence was about protecting his own sorry arse. Rosebud was wrong. But she was sincere, despite her mental illness. Too bad she got in with the wrong crowd. Peaceniks can be quite the anarchists themselves without ever having a violent bone in their bodies. God bless Rosebud Denovo. Her heart was in the right place, but unfortunately her mind wasn't.

  12. Socrates,

    We in Beantown voted out racing in Nov. if my memory serve me correct... Cheif

  13. I want to be up front with yous guys that I will still post at BB (while under moderation) I think it's important to keep all lines open.

    Keep bloggin in the free world...

  14. Hey Bamboo, guess we're neighbours. Cool. Go C's. Not sure if we should take Starbury, but I guess there's no choice unless you want Rondo playing 40 minutes every game.

    You're under moderation? Let me guess, something to do with Agent99? And yes or no, are the happenings at BradBlog, i.e. the critiques here, something you'd rather not discuss? I would understand.

    This is Dredd's place. I am grateful he hasn't tired of my longwinded entries.

    When I first started my blog,i was banning people left and right. I didn't want to look like a kook. But now I figure some folks are just gonna be vulnerable to conspiracy theories. Now I think the blogosphere is kind of a closed shop. But I just can't get myself to quit trying.

    All Brad had to do was show a bit of interest in Hertzberg. He didn't. Then all I wanted was a bit of an explanation for Kimberlin. None ever came.

    I know it's not proof that Brad's a spook because he looks like one, but it's not helping.

    That Brad has been so secretive about Kimberlin, that Alexandrovna blatantly lied about him, that Brad still links to Leopold, that he never supplied proof for Curtis' dog being shot, that he's close to Bozos, that Agent99 is his moderator, on and on, I feel I've had every right to go after Brad.

    If there's nothing fishy about Kimberlin, why all the secrecy?

    Mark Singer is an accomplished journalist. Would he make up crap about Kimberlin just to sell a book? The timeline I just came up with makes no sense. The Michael Connell stories make no sense.

    If you feel BradBlog is worth your time, it is not my place to tell you otherwise. But if you are in moderator status already, in my opinion, the writing is on the wall for you. Unless you like walking on eggshells.

    Oh well, I'm not gonna berate you or "investigate" and get paranoid. But I think it's fairly clear how much credibility people like Brad, 99, Big Dan, Kimberlin, Leopold, Johnson, Zuniga have. But I understand people are still gonna check those places out.

    But look at it this way, if you don't feel you can interact here with the stuff we're bringing up, if they have you on moderator queue for who knows what, then duderino, it's a big blogosphere out there. I know it stinks to learn new tricks, but it could be better than continuing with some battered syndrome. I mean, Agent99 is the moderator there and has you in a moderator's queue? That's absurd.

    Hey Dredd, are you banned from there? And if so, why?

    I'm gone because I became the "hostile" blogger asking too many questions about the Speedway Bomber.

    Seriously, in two days Brad went from hearing about Justice Through Music to starting Velvet Revolution with a proven con artist? Sorry Bamboo, I feel I am in the right on this one. Especially after I "stalked" Larisa.

    She said Singer wet himself. She's quite the classy dame. Maybe she is Agent99.

  15. So BB can only handle Bamboo Harvester in moderation?

    Sounds like my bartender ...

  16. Bamboo Harvester,

    We have no ill will toward BB, BDBB or those who post there. All are welcome here.

    No hate speech is all.

    They can not handle some ideas, and so "Pat" bans people while shouting "RULES" ... yep it rules ... but somebody has to be civil.

    That would be us.

  17. Dredd's having a good influence on me. I'm finding it easier to drop the hate.

    Not trying to steal bloggers from him, but folks are invited to my place. It's not all about chemtrails. I decided long ago that it would always have that as the primary feature, since there was a need for a chemtrail forum minus the tinfoil.

    Maybe we are on the road to developing a method by which small-time bloggers can form positive associations. Dredd's got some serious gravitas at this point. I've kinda also been able to stick my paws into the blogosphere.

    I agree with Dredd. I don't hate Brad, Agent99, or Larisa. I don't hate Kimberlin. I don't even hate GW Bush or Cheney. I hate what they have done. Sorry to throw Godwin's Rule in here, but I don't even hate Hitler. I hate what he did. Ugh, ramblage city here.

    What's my point? Maybe when we hate, we end up hating ourselves. Why should we let our blood pressures go up?

  18. We have a link to socrates' blog in the links section.

    That is in case you are not reading comments at a particular time, but want to go over to his blog.

    Just log on to the main Dredd Blog page and look at the links. Select his and jump over to it.

    Yep, we little people must stick together and support one another by sharing our knowledge and information.