Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here Come The Torture Investigations

Several sources are reporting that Senators Leahy and Whitehouse, of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will commence investigations into the Bush II regime's use of torture.

Who knows where that will lead, but some of the talk is that it will be a trickle down investigation. Meaning that the top echelons will be looked at first. That would include professor Yoo and judge Bybee.

Yoo has been embedded in the "liberal" University of California at Berkeley, and Bybee has been embedded in the "liberal" Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for life.

They wrote the infamous "torture is ok" memos, which were thereafter classified, so no one could see them.

Those memos approved of and tried to give legal authority to the president's right to torture detainees. Detainees who are American citizens and those who are not citizens.

We wrote about the "I was following orders" syndrome a while back.

Let the justice begin.

UPDATE: Note that we criticized investigations that only produce more words, and we agree with Speaker Pelosi that immunity from criminal prosecution is less than desirable.

And we point out that both Leahy and Whitehouse were prosecutors, Pelosi was not. They know that some immunity to witnesses will be necessary before anyone goes to jail.

So we give a little bit of deference to Leahy and Whitehouse because they know the difficulty of this type of criminal prosecution. And we defer to Pelosi for demanding jail time in every instance we can get them there.

All that having being said, the truth of the greatest crime spree in the history of American government must become a part of our history text books. At a minimum.

Again, let the justice begin.


  1. And just to think that Bybee has a life appointment on the ninth circuit court of appeals?

  2. So who is on the second court the seventh court of appeals? The Supreme Court, the district courts? My god we need a complete overhaul of this system. What danger awaits us? This should be reason enough for CHANGE. I don't mean just change. I mean a complete dismantling and a fresh new start. Qualifications should only be reviewed by random selected teams of Psychiatrist with lie detector equipment. God help us. Something went very wrong a long time ago.