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Oil-Qaeda & MOMCOM Conspire To Commit Depraved-Heart Murder- 6

Fig. 1 White Gold Cover Up
I. Background

The minions of Oil-Qaeda have been sent out on missions for over a century now.

Their means and methods have changed over the decades, but the thrust of their propaganda has been narrow and simple.

They want us to think that dirty oil is white and pure, and above all, it is the savior of the world.

Their message is that Oilah Akbar! brought us out of the dark ages and into the light with its economic (and sometimes militant) might.

It would seem that Dredd Blog has raised "their" eyebrows from time to time sufficiently enough to receive an honorable mention from time to time in the books written by those minions; such as in Author Michael C. Lynch's Oil-Qaeda praising work of fiction (Fig. 1) that makes Dredd Blog even more well known than it otherwise would have been:
"Dredd Blog's long-time characterization of the exercise of power in Western Civilization with the Dredd Blog caricature of 'MOMCOM' (Military Oil Media Complex). Why we gave up the old notion of 'MIC' (Military Industrial Complex), as explained in the Dredd Blog post 'MOMCOM: Mean Welfare Queen,' is because it is so yesterday, it is so 1950's reality." 29
(see Fig. 2 for the link). I have to say that Mr. Lynch either has a good staff of researchers, or is one himself, to have fixed upon the Dredd Blog series about MOMCOM (your boss should be proud Michael).

Fig. 2 Excerpt from Michael C. Lynch's Book
Dredd Blog does receive a wide array of readers from many of the diverse realms of business, education, government and the like as shown at the Who Reads Dredd Blog tab (which hasn't been updated for years; maybe I should get around to adding an "authors section" then add author Michael C. Lynch to the list).

II. MOMCOM On Dredd Blog

The gist of the MOMCOM feature on Dredd Blog is founded in psychology that has in the past been neither a left wing or a right wing political football:
"Psychologists tell us that we transfer the notion of authority from parents to other authority figures.

Parents provide their children with security.

Have you heard the government mention that the number one function of government is to provide you with security?

If we analyse this at a fundamental level, not leaving out the obvious, we can see the direction this is going.

First, lets look at the government's meaning of "security", and where that leads.

George Lakoff, a student of Noam Chomsky at one time, has propounded theories that much of our thinking is metaphorical in nature:
"But our conceptual system is not something we are normally aware of. in most of the little things we do every day, we simply think and act more or less automatically along certain lines. Just what these lines are is by no means obvious. One way to find out is by looking at language. Since communication is based on the same conceptual system that we use in thinking and acting, language is an important source of evidence for what that system is like.

Primarily on the basis of linguistic evidence, we have found that most of our ordinary conceptual system is metaphorical in nature."
(The Literary Link). In recent years "security" is a word linked to a metaphorical structure attached to military matters."
(In Loco Parentis & Parens Patriae). The government as parent metaphor is widely considered by social scientists to be valid:
A NAZI Family?
"The photo to the [right] is a photo of a family in the NAZI governed Germany of long ago.

Have you ever noticed how many "family" words are associated with the concept of "nation" in literature, politics, and government?

A quick check of a few relevant metaphors (forefathers, father of the constitution, Uncle Sam, motherland, fatherland, homeland, father of the nation, founding fathers, mother of the nation, family of nations, etc.) makes me want to look at perhaps the key source-metaphor for this notion:"
"... a common metaphor, shared by conservatives and liberals alike -- the Nation-as-Family metaphor, in which the nation is seen as a family, the government as a parent and the citizens as children ..."
"(The Nation-as-Family Metaphor). To expand upon this concept a bit, consider these comments:
"It’s no accident that our political beliefs are structured by our idealizations of the family. Our earliest experience with being governed is in our families. Our parents “govern” us: They protect us, tell us what we can and cannot do, make sure we have enough money and supplies, educate us,
and have us do our part in running the house.

So it is not at all surprising that many nations are metaphorically seen in terms of families: Mother Russia, Mother India, the Fatherland. In America, we have founding fathers, Daughters of the American Revolution, Uncle Sam, and we send our collective sons and daughters to war. In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the voice of the totalitarian state was called Big Brother.

As George Lakoff discussed at length in his 1996 book, Moral Politics, this metaphorical understanding of the nation-as-family directly informs our political worldview. Directly, but not consciously. As with other aspects of framing, the use of this metaphor lies below the level of consciousness."
(The Nation As Family, PDF). It is important to remember the part of the concept indicating that "the use of this metaphor lies below the level of consciousness", because in this post today we are going to try to take a look at part of that iceberg we can see, which is not only conscious, but is also attached to the bulk that is not conscious."
(Security: Familyland, Fatherland, or Homeland?). Thus, the 'MOM' in MOMCOM is a valid metaphorical reference.

And with regard to the 'O' in MOMCOM, note that she has told her offspring:
"The 5th Fleet together with troops are in the Middle East where there is lots of oil.

The 4th Fleet has been reactivated [cf. Navy Reestablishes U.S. 4th Fleet] after 58 years of being moth balled, and has been sent to Central / South America where there is also lots of oil.

A website of the federal government tells us:
"Oil is the lifeblood of America’s economy."
(Department of Energy [they removed it, so here is The Wayback Machine copy of that page: Department of Energy]). Which is the same thing as saying you are economically dead without your blood, your oil.

The struggle for economic life then, would be the struggle for oil would it not?

Bush II put it in the cowboy language during a state of the union address to congress, saying that "America is addicted to oil".
(The Fleets & Terrorism Follow The Oil). The DNA shines right through, if you know what I mean (A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA, 2, 3, 4, 5).

III. The Embryo

One might wonder how 'MOM' came to be, so let's take out the family album and have a look-see:
"John Davison Rockefeller (July 8, 1839 – May 23, 1937) was an American industrialist and philanthropist. He was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry and was the first great U.S. business trust. Rockefeller revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy. In 1870, he founded the Standard Oil Company and aggressively ran it until he officially retired in 1897. Standard Oil began as an Ohio partnership formed by John D. Rockefeller, his brother William Rockefeller, Henry Flagler, Jabez Bostwick, chemist Samuel Andrews, and a silent partner, Stephen V. Harkness. As kerosene and gasoline grew in importance, Rockefeller's wealth soared, and he became the world's richest man and the first American worth more than a billion dollars. Adjusting for inflation, he is often regarded as the richest person in history."
(A History of Oil Addiction - 2). But there was a dark side to the family tree that many might say is just old-timey history:
"John D. Rockefeller, in his 1909 Random Reminiscences of Men and Events, recalled, 'One of our greatest helpers has been the State Department. Our ambassadors and ministers and consuls have aided to push our way into new markets in the utmost corners of the world.' But he left out a key explanation for the government's interest. Standard Oil was the biggest U.S. company, putting a hundred ships to sea, buying and selling oil in Latin America, Germany, and the Far East. It also operated a global intelligence system. 'By 1885,' according to one historian, 'seventy percent of the Standard's business was overseas and it had its own network of agents through the world, and its own espionage service, to forestall the initiatives of rival companies or governments.'"
(The Private Empire's Social Media Hit Squads). Author Michael C. Lynch is a member of the modern form of "a global intelligence system ... and ... network of agents ... and its own espionage service, to forestall the initiatives of rival companies or governments" (see also Oil Industry Braces for Trial on Rights Abuses, and Oilfluenza, Affluenza, and Disgorgement, 2, 3).

IV. The Current Behavioral Phase

The oft-quoted phrase "history repeats itself" can be applied here with the Oil-Qaeda victory in the recent national election:
"So, in today's episode let's cover T-Rex, the guy from the tradition 'I am not an American company.' (The Private Empire's Social Media Hit Squads).

Recently T-Rex forgot to put on his camouflage package, and therefore went alt-pro shape-shifter out in alt-right public view:
"Secretary of State [T-Rex] is skipping a NATO meeting, but he is planning to travel to Russia next month. His travel schedule is raising alarms in Europe." - NPR
"[T-Rex's] decision to miss his first NATO meeting but visit Russia a week later plunged his department into damage control, frustrated allies and left analysts scratching their heads at an administration that once again is rubbing Europe the wrong way and raising questions about its commitment to its Western allies." - CNN
"America’s newly-installed secretary of state [T-Rex] is to skip his first Nato meeting, it has been announced, and will instead greet the president of China and then travel to Russia." - Telegraph
The media's consternation is misplaced due primarily to a dearth of knowledge of the history of Oil-Qaeda, so let's just briefly go through it from recent on back into the more distant past:
"Speaking from the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, Russian President Vladmir Putin lauded ExxonMobil [Humble Oil-Qaeda2], calling the company Russia’s 'old and reliable [dirty oil] partner.'"
(Deepwater Horizon Keeps On Killing & Drilling - 3). That took place several years ago in 2014.
(The Shapeshifters of Bullshitistan - 5). That other saying "the more things change the more they remain the same" comes to mind.

V. Conclusion

I have only scratched the surface concerning MOMCOM coverage on Dredd Blog, so if you want to read more about that subject go to the Series Posts tab and look under the heading 'MOMCOM' (there are several such headings).

In closing, I want to compliment author Michael C. Lynch for a piece of his book title "The Coming Oil Flood" because it is quite true (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States, 2, 3, 4; Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Two hundred feet of sea level is quite a flood, and yes, it is an oil flood in the sense that burning dirty oil is what will have caused it.

The previous post in this series is here.

The MOMCOM anthem ...

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