Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The One World DNA

Who knows whether MOMCOM's psychological problems, the "complex", would be healed more easily if MOMCOM was a creature from only one nation?

We don't have the choice of attempting to heal the growing sickness that way it would seem.

A federal court of appeals, the Fifth Circuit, has touched upon the internationalization of the DNA of MOMCOM, bringing clear focus to the strange creature MOMCOM is.

In a case decided yesterday, that court dealt with a complex subject:
This case involves two class actions brought by gasoline retailers against oil production companies (most of which are owned in whole or in part by OPEC member nations), alleging antitrust violations.
(In RE: Refined Petro, page 1). The case involved antitrust violations against companies in many nations, from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, to the USA, and the bottom line ended up being:
Convinced that these matters deeply implicate concerns of foreign and defense policy, concerns that constitutionally belong in the executive and legislative departments, we conclude that we lack jurisdiction to adjudicate the claims. We hold alternatively that the complaints seek a remedy that is barred by the act of state doctrine, that is, an order and judgment that would interfere with sovereign nations’ control over their own natural resources. Accordingly, we affirm the judgment dismissing the complaints.
(ibid). In other words, you will have to solve these problems over in a department of government where the people, in the form of a jury, will have nothing to do with it, and where laws of evidence and sworn truth do not apply.

Some of those nations have a king who is the police, the congress, the judge, and the jury, so it is clear what we can expect in that forum, because "the king can do no wrong".

The international scene, where our future plays out, is composed in some cases of various kings who can do no wrong, each doing something different, each competing against the other for our oil money, the price we pay for their goodies.

And the U.S. federal court says our country's judicial system can't do anything about what they charge us for their oil products, which we use for just about everything we do each day.

As you might surmise, that reminds me of a song:
Broken hands on broken ploughs
Broken treaties, broken vows
Broken pipes, broken tools
People bending broken rules
Hound dog howling, bullfrog croaking
Everything is broken
(Everything Is Broken, Bob Dylan). Even the mechanic's shop, where things go to be repaired, is broken.

The states are going broke, the nation is going broke, meanwhile the military is all over the place breaking things.

Everything is broken.


  1. Isreal has been urged to get ready to break a lot more things in the middle east.

  2. Great post on TomDispatch yesterday speaking to American decline (I and many other people have been stating this basic premise for years too. Bush II was merely the harbinger, while Obama has been the confirmation ):

    Pox Americana -
    Driving Through the Gates of Hell and Other American Pastimes in the Greater Middle East

    With popular cries for “democracy” and “freedom” sweeping through the Middle East, it’s curious to note that the Bush-era’s now-infamous “democracy agenda” has been nowhere in sight. In its brief and disastrous life, it was used as a battering ram for regimes Washington loathed and offered as a soft pillow of future possibility to those it loved.

    Still, make no mistake, there’s a story in a Washington stunned and "blindsided," in an administration visibly toothless and in disarray as well as dismayed over the potential loss of its Egyptian ally, “the keystone of its Middle Eastern policy,” that’s so big it should knock your socks off. And make no mistake: part of the spectacle of the moment lies in watching that other great power of the Cold War era finally head ever so slowly and reluctantly for the exits. You know the one I’m talking about. In 1991, when the Soviet Union disappeared and the United States found itself the last superpower standing, Washington mistook that for a victory most rare. In the years that followed, in a paroxysm of self-satisfaction and amid clouds of self-congratulation, its leaders would attempt nothing less than to establish a global Pax Americana. Their breathtaking ambitions would leave hubris in the shade.

    The results, it's now clear, were no less breathtaking, even if disastrously so. Almost 20 years after the lesser superpower of the Cold War left the world stage, the “victor” is now lurching down the declinist slope, this time as the other defeated power of the Cold War era.

    So don’t mark the end of the Cold War in 1991 as our conventional histories do. Mark it in the early days of 2011, and consider the events of this moment a symbolic goodbye-to-all-that for the planet’s “sole superpower.

  3. The court said "an order and judgment that would interfere with sovereign nations’ control over their own natural resources"

    In other words they can control how much we pay for their resources by price fixing but we can't do anything about it.

  4. WikiLeaks documents show that what Dredd Blog has been saying over the years is true.

    I have posted the issue in other places too (e.g. The Oil Drum).

    The issue is that MOMCOM haughtiness has been based to some degree on inflated oil reserve estimates.

    "That sets up a scenario, the documents show, whereby the Saudis could dramatically underdeliver on output by as soon as next year, sending fuel prices soaring."

    Read this article about WikiLeaks docs which show that Saudi Arabia has been bloviating about its oil reserves.

    The facts will soon enough come home to roost, home to roast the economies, with panic oil prices.

  5. "That sets up a scenario, the documents show, whereby the Saudis could dramatically underdeliver on output by as soon as next year, sending fuel prices soaring."

    Hmm... maybe there was something to all that 2012 hysteria after all?

    I think people will be amazed at the rapidity of collapse once it takes place, especially if the trigger is oil, since it's a common denominator in almost everything else - transportation, food production, key commodities, etc. - and the shortage of which will almost certainly trigger wars yet untold. When the oil stops flowing at reasonable prices, almost everything else comes to a screeching and painful halt. And whether or not that year is next year or not, that year is certainly fast approaching either way. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for US ALL!

    How much do you wanna bet that most of the world's true movers and shakers know all of this already, and it accounts for most or all of the political maneuvering we're seeing right now?

  6. "if the trigger is oil, since it's a common denominator in almost everything else"

    Yes disaffected, check out "A closer look at MOMCOM's DNA" again.

  7. More signs of commodities (food) shortages:

    Corn Pops as USDA Sees Drop in Supply

    And apparently Egypt ain't over (by a long shot):

    Egypt protests: US steps up pressure on Cairo

    This in spite of the fact that by all accounts NoBama is hedging his bets (like a good dem "triangulator") all around.

    And then there's this:

    U.S. faces terror threat from within, Napolitano says

    And we already know the rest of the story; those GOD-DAMNED(!) internet bloggers are selling out their country!

    Total Fascism(!). It's closer than we think.

  8. But wait!

    Just when you think the dems are the dumbest bastards on the planet, the Rebubes come to the forefront and reassert their superiority:

    GOP Rep. Chris Lee resigns over shirtless photo on Web

    WASHINGTON — Rep. Chris Lee, R-N.Y., abruptly resigned Wednesday after the gossip website Gawker disclosed that the married congressman had e-mailed a shirtless picture of himself to a woman he met through Craigslist.

    Talk about living in a bubble! When will the sex-craved GOP bunch ever learn? Further proof of why these closet perverts preach abstinence. Because all of their official "abstinence" goes on behind closed doors - UH-OH! - until it doesn't.

    Fucking hypocrites.

  9. disaffected,

    The terror threat is always greatest at budget time.