Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer? - 3

In the Second Post of this series Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer? - 2, we raised eyebrows, again.

How could Iraq become numero uno?

Remember first that the top producer is necessarily the one bringing the most out of the ground, but not necessarily the one with the most in the ground.

The WiggyLeeks dudes show us a memorandum which looks and feels like what I have said betimes, the Saudis are bloviating about the oil they think they have.

The USA bloviated about Alaskan oil reserves for years.

Business does it for pecuniary gain and power:
For example, exaggerated estimates can raise the price of an oil company’s stock. Also, a government may use inflated reserve estimates in order to enhance their political clout and their ability to obtain loans.
(Project Censored). This is one of those "propaganda is not a victim-less crime" moments, because when the populace comes out of the rabbit hole to find they are not ten feet tall, somebody is going to want to hang the man behind the curtain.

Eventually learning the oil truth will bring pressure, and what would be a better feel good moment than saying Iraq's oil will save the day, see we had good reasons for saving the nation by "taking out Saddam Hussein" (a.k.a. "stealing the resources of the Iraqi people").

When the populace is told "die economically and become destitute or accept our revised view of history", which will be the operative dynamic then, the populace may go for that fantasy, and it may work to deceive the populace a bit longer.

But that policy will not end then and there will it?

Oh, and we are so corny to associate war with oil eh?

Oh, and again we are so corny to associate sanity with oil wars eh?

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  1. I always had a grudging respect for Donald Rumsfeld. Yeah, he was pure evil right down to his rotten core, but you always had the feeling he was biting his lip to keep from telling you the unvarnished truth, that if the Bush/Cheney ever took him off the leash for just a minute he'd spill the beans about all of it. An imagined press conference:

    Rummy: Iraq? Oh fer chrissakes! Are we going to go into all of THAT again? Listen, you whiny press-pussies could never have handled the truth, so we just didn't bother telling it to you, OK? OF COURSE there were no WMDs, we knew that from the git go. Tell you the truth, I didn't give a damn either way. Iraq was about two things and two things only.

    First, 9-11, which we engineered by the way, gave us a reason to go in, not that I personally really needed one anyway. And second, that young Bush feller had been itching to reclaim his family honor ever since 1992 when we failed to finish the job the first time.

    Now those are the reasons by god, and I guess some people need reasons for such things. But I'll tell you what, I was the Secretary of Defense for the biggest, baddest, whup-ass military force the world has ever seen, and I didn't really care if the President told me to go kick their ass back to the stone age just for pure entertainment - which it was by the way - I was by god damn sure gonna do it either way.

    Now I'll admit the occupation afterward was not what I had in mind at all. My plan was to just sack Baghdad and leave. Let the god-damned towel heads sort it out afterward, and with any luck kill each other off in the process. No, my plan was to annex the oil fields in the south, which we were already sitting on, completely, and then just establish our own little oil kingdom right there. Wars, press-pussies, are good for business! And even more than that, they're just plain fun, as long as you're winning of course.

    But of course young Bushy got all soft and mushy just like his dad, and started spouting bullshit about spreading freedom and democracy - as if either he OR those damned sand monkeys even knew what the words meant - so of course the situation turned into the three ring circus you see over there now.

    Had we remained focused on invasion and appropriation of resources only, we could have handled Iraq and Afghanistan in the first term, Pakistan and Iran in the second, and that young feller Osama... Obama... whatever... could be handling Egypt and Saudi Arabia right now.

    THAT, press-pussies, would have been the Rumsfeld way of doing things! No more questions.

  2. Dredd, Obama's threat to throw grandmother under the bus has pushed Sen Kerry to take a "liberal" position! LOL

  3. disaffected,

    "I always had a grudging respect for Donald Rumsfeld"


  4. Kathy,

    "throw grandmother under the bus"

    That White House proposal is the epitome of the W direction.

    Obama seems to be using the W compass Bush II gave him so he could stay the W course.

  5. Randy,

    The Bar Karma is on the same network Keith Olbermann is now on.