Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ground Zero of Ground Zeros - 2

In the first post of this series, The Ground Zero of Ground Zeros, Dredd Blog focused on the religious time bomb that is centered in Jerusalem.

The revolution taking place in Egypt lends street cred to the concerns Dredd Blog brought out into the open.

While the revolutionary reality this issue speaks of may not be based on what is traditionally considered to be tangible social direction, nevertheless, the inability of government and media (MOMCOM) to see it coming tells us a lot.

So lets take pause and take another look as we do so:
Critics say Israel's leaders have seemed unprepared to react to the likelihood of a leadership change in Egypt, whose landmark 1979 peace treaty with Israel has been a cornerstone of Israel's stability ... Critics say Israel's leaders have so far seemed surprisingly unprepared to react to leadership change in Egypt, whose landmark 1979 peace treaty with Israel has long been a cornerstone of Israel's stability ... Even as late as Thursday, many Israeli officials were still confidently predicting that Mubarak would survive until at least September. An Israeli lawmaker telephoned Mubarak on Thursday afternoon to offer words of encouragement ... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing government so far has focused its official statements on warning against an Islamist takeover of Egypt. In a speech Tuesday to European leaders, Netanyahu sounded an alarm that Egypt could "go the way of Iran."
(LA Times, emphasis added). Go the "way of Iran" ... such as censorship, oppression, fake elections ... like that is not what Egypt was under Mubarak!?!?

Anyway, since the U.S. gets its middle east "wisdom" ("Mossadisms") from Israel, when that "wisdom" is shown to be canned cluelessness, we know what happens next, which is always more of the W direction, since that is all there is on their compass:
"You can't be a friend of Arab democracy if you're an enemy of Palestinian freedom," Levy said. "In that sense, they [Mossad] are as out of touch with Middle East reality as Mubarak was" ... As Israel faces what many fear could turn into its most serious national security threat in decades, fault lines are widening over how it should respond and some critics say the government appears ill prepared ... With the resignation Friday of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was widely seen as Israel's most predictable Arab ally, a quiet panic is spreading here as Israelis debate their next move.
(LA Times, above, emphasis added). A post yesterday over at Shoe08 Blog pointed out that the Egyptian Revolution came at the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution which threw out another MOMCOM puppet, the Shah of Iran, 32 years ago.

That is sure to make Isreal and The Keystone Komplex all superstitious, roguish, and mavericky for sure ... hell, they may even want to bring back the Rabbit Hole Rainbow of scary colors.


  1. There is music in the cafés at night and revolution in the air ... but also the toxins of power are in the air.

    Beware the volatile mix bloggers.

  2. Those lovable Republicans are at it again. No one can accuse them of hidden agendas anyway.

    E.P.A. and Public Broadcasting Are on House Republicans’ List for Deep Cuts

    WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Friday rolled out what they called historic cuts in federal spending after conservatives in the party’s new majority demanded that the leadership follow through on a pledge to carve $100 billion from the current year’s budget.

    The spending bill, put forward by the Appropriations Committee for consideration on the floor next week, proposes slashing a wide portfolio of domestic programs and foreign aid. It blocks the spending of about $2 billion in unused economic stimulus money and seeks to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing the new health care law. The measure also cuts financing directly from the office of the president.

    Republicans take aim at some of their favorite targets in the measure, reducing financing to the Environmental Protection Agency by $3 billion — an almost 30 percent cut from current levels. The measure would also block the agency from implementing new emissions regulations, and it would cut more than $100 million in spending on climate change programs.

    Housing, energy and transportation spending is also trimmed substantially. Dozens of programs, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, are eliminated.

  3. disaffected,

    "lovable" ??? more like despicable ...

    No doubt that The Epoch of Criminal Insanity is a modern era phenomenon.

    Amoeba have had more sense than these republican dullards for two billion years. See Ancient Ecocosmology?