Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Offspring of Propaganda - 2

On this date two years ago, about a month before Bernie Madoff pled guilty, Dredd Blog posted the first of this series, One Offspring of Propaganda.

A Washington's Blog post shows that things have not changed much.

Anyway, here is the text of the post two years ago today:
Enron is the offspring of the type of propaganda which we may associate with The Glittering Generality.

Enron, as the epitome of propaganda that infects corporate America from head to toe, did not lie when it said:
Enron Corp. was named today the “Most Innovative Company in America” for the sixth consecutive year by Fortune magazine.
(Enron). It collapsed into the black hole of infamy not long after that because it was an economic glittering generality.

Enron had practised the fine art of soft psyops upon its employees, customers, and ultimately the American people.

It had close friends in the highest places in American government, including Bush II and his regime. It was propaganda nirvana.

Enron was even one of those corporations which put the 'oil' into the military oil complex.

We can only hope that Enron's horrible and unfortunate collapse and bankruptcy is only a partial microcosm of America's economic reality today. An economic reality that is now in the dire straights that evaporated Enron from existence.

Let us hope that "as goes Enron so goes America" is false.

Soberly remember all those flowery words which completely and totally fooled Fortune Magazine and every governmental and private watchdog in our midst.

Soberly remember the Enron styled words "our economy is fundamentally sound" which comprised the propaganda statements they flung at us, and remember those who made them.

Why? So that Enron styled propaganda (which destroyed the lives of many Americans who did not see it coming and who had blind faith in all things propaganda) ceases to exist in our land.

“America’s Most Innovative Company” was a sham just like Madoff enterprises, but they were easily able to catapult the propaganda over expert heads.

Enron had friends in high places, the Enthymemes, but has no friends in the 99.9% of America we call the people.
One president who "catapulted the propaganda" canceled a trip to Geneva when a complaint was filed against him.


  1. Unfortunately, especially in the world of high finance, perpetuating the propaganda is seen as good business. Indeed, to short-term traders who are often as not trading on inside information, perpetuating the propaganda is their strategic edge, and is considered the vital information that separates the market players from the chumps, since the great majority of financial transactions are zero sum.

    Of course now we all know that Enron was just a preview of things to come, with Goldman Sucks and their ilk having raised the bar exponentially since then. They no longer even pretend to care what anyone thinks, as they have completely captured both political parties and the remaining sham of a federal regulatory apparatus.

    There's no turning back now, even if the pols were to magically grow a conscience. The unwinding would simply be too complex and too painful for all involved to ever think it will happen absent a total system meltdown. Which might be right around the corner now...

  2. Yes, it is getting pretty bad out there in Just Us land.

  3. Keith Olbermann goes to Current TV, a non-main stream media outfit.

  4. Interesting theory as to the cause of First Responder disease in New York.

  5. Washington's Blog has an interesting post concerning False Flag operations that seem to show up at very suspicious times.