Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Are For Us Or Against Us - 2

The unraveling of Arab dictatorships, like the Mubarak regime in Egypt, makes one wonder how long this uprising against U.S. puppet regimes has been coming.

The answer varies depending on who you ask, and what country you are talking about.

The following Dredd Blog post first appeared on this blog on this date two years ago:

By the time Bush II high tailed it back to Texas, the "against us" movement around the world was building up an incredible head of steam.

The once unthinkable "against us" side of the Bush II equation is now beginning to clearly, openly, and resoundingly get to the point where it increasingly effects our national security:
Kyrgyzstan says its decision to close a US base that serves as a vital supply route for US and Nato operations in Afghanistan is "final".
(BBC News). They said this as US officials were saying it was still being "negotiated". If countries will defy us in critical military necessities like this one, it would take next to nothing to defy us economically.

We have asked the question about how Bush II policies have weakened our standing in the world over the past eight years.

We have to keep asking these questions and get on to resolving and reversing the damaging acts of Bush II and his cronies who got us to this unfortunate place.

A place where world leaders see little to lose when they harm us.
The consensus is that things have been going further downhill as the WiggyLeeks show.


  1. The trouble is Dredd, NoBama has proven to be Bush III. In fact, I'm sure Bush I probably thinks of him as the son he wishes he'd had, since he's a heckuva lot more articulate in laying out and effective in implementing the conservative agenda than his real idiot son. Hell, even the dark master Darth Cheney is praising the guy lately. You don't get better conservative street cred than that.

    The fact that he does it all while calling himself a "Democrat" is the real beauty of it. I suppose we should have all expected that Rove/Norquist et al had such a dirty trick up their sleeve - they've certainly tried just about everything else - but until NoBama came along, virtually no one thought that either party would be brazen enough to actually infiltrate the other party with a false flag presidential puppet. Now we know better.

    Anything goes in defending the conservative corporate empire these days, and a little thing like a puppet president is now no more an anomaly in the US than it is in Egypt, Iraqistan, or anywhere else.

  2. I t looks like the revolution in Egypt has been largely co-opted now. Suleiman holds talks on Egypt reforms This may or may not turn out to be a good thing, as Suleiman looks to be a "US Approved" replacement for Mubarak, who may or may not actually implement any truly meaningful reforms (my guess is not).

    That said, the US was not going to stand idly by and let any perceived Egyptian version of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard take over, so this might have saved themselves an invasion and bloody civil war (and I'll bet that point is being made painfully clear to demonstrators behind closed doors). Mubarak could obviously give a crap less what anyone thinks, and is probably only leaving (if indeed, he ever actually does) because his US handlers have told him to. When it comes to unresponsive leaders these days, it's pick your poison I guess, regardless of where you live.

  3. I heard that Mubarak has three properties in the Beverly Hills area of California.

  4. Watching the interminable run up to the Super Bowl, you can't help but be overwhelmed at the positively embarrassing lengths the NFL goes to to align itself with Patriotism and war. The red, white, and blue everything, the obligatory Air Force fly-over, the constant troop messages, the reading of the Declaration of Independence, the whole nine yards. Every year it gets more and more nauseating, and the game hasn't even started yet! The NFL and especially the Super Bowl have become little more than a day long paid infomercial for MOMCOM and US wars of imperialism. This must have been what the Roman empire looked like from inside the Colosseum.